Radisson-Fort McDowell
10438 N Fort Mcdowell Rd
Fort Mcdowell, AZ 85264-3106

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Was at this hotel for a conference September 2013 and kept getting bites all over my arms, neck and face. I thought it was mosquitos but found out later, my room was infested with bed bugs. I was completely covered in bites when I left and the pain was so unbearable for several weeks. The doctor said it was so bad, I was lucky that I did not get MERSA from the severity of the infectious bites. I hope no other guests go through what I went through. This hotel is a dirty filthy dump full of dirty

lying filthy management.

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I stayed at this hotel April 10, 2014 and was bitten by bed bugs all over my legs, arms and face. I estimate it to be about 80 bites. I left several messages for the manager and they got back to me about a month later and stated they had the room checked out and they were not any bugs. It took the bed bug bites about 3 weeks to heal. They were extremely itching and burning the entire 3 weeks.
I was very dissapointed the hotel told such lies and that the manager was so unethical about it.

July 14, 2012 I stayed in Room 437 in Radisson, Fort McDowell and I received 20 bed bug bites. My hand swelled up and turned purple. The bites all over my arm were immediately yellow and very infected. I was advised by a pharmacist to seek treatment immediately at the emergency room or I could possibly suffer permanent hand damage since I had about 10 bites on the knuckle of one hand.
The general manager Bert Parra wrote me a letter stating Room 437 was investigated and no bugs were found and t

hey were denying my claim. I asked for 120 dollars to cover my medical bills.
I am so mad now, that I have contacted 3 news stations and 2 hotel bureaus as well as the Radisson corporate office, Carlson. I am planning on filing a lawsuit to cover the cost of spraying my apartment and to recover missing a day of work plus the gas and my medical bills. My total law suit will be just around 700.00
I will see if the Radisson hotel contacts me to offer a settlement and I would also like all of these people who suffered bed bug bites at the Radisson to please contact me asap at love2golfaz at yahoo

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I was in here for a National Business Meeting at this facility in August - I caught two bedbugs and brought them to the front desk in a mouthwash solution. They offered a discount for breakfast if I was interested. I wasn't and checked out.

It was alleged on June 27, 2011 by an anonymous guest who stayed at the Radisson Fort McDowell in room 429 that there were bed bugs.

As soon as the guest made the allegation known, the Front Desk relocated the guest and the room was immediately put on Out of Order status. The pest control company was contacted and arrived to assess the concerns on June 27, 2011. The inspection was completed and the inspector concluded that NO beds bugs were found or had ever been present.

We take these

allegations very seriously to insure the comfort of every guest. Our exterminating company is contracted to service the guestrooms on a monthly basis to ensure the safety of our guests. Thank you.

Greg Carrish
General Manger

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We stayed at the Radisson Fort McDowell on June 24th, 2011. We were watching movies in bed and I noticed a bug on the blanket. My husband looked behind the headboard and there were 6 bedbugs. We moved rooms and were compensated for the night. My husband was bitten on the neck and when we moved rooms a bed bug tagged along on my husband and jumped on the bed in the new room.

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