Sleep Inn Flagstaff
2765 S Woodlands Village Blvd
Flagstaff, AZ

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Approximately 2 years ago I was staying at this Hotel and awoke one morning to find my bed and pillows full of bedbugs. Management of the Hotel said I had brought them with me. This was impossible as I have never seen a bedbug in my life before this incident. I called the Health Department in Flagstaff, went to their office and filed a report and they investigated. They found my claim was valid and stated there was an infestation in the room. They ordered the Hotel to clean the room with a pest

control company. It took several calls to the Health Department to get them to tell me my findings were correct. The Health Department did not seem to think this was a big deal. I have noticed on this website that there are a lot of hotels in Flagstaff were bedbugs have been found. Call the Health Department and report them. Also I would suggest not staying in the hotels in Flagstaff until these incidences are taken seriously. Seems the City does not take these incidents very seriously.

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