Days Inn Buckeye
25205 W Yuma Rd
Buckeye, AZ 85326-6445

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Stayed there on 2/3/2015, in a upstairs room.

I was completely ignorant of bed bugs at the time I stayed there. Before I went to bed I noticed a bug and killed it, thinking that it was a one off deal. The bug was red and left a red smear.

The next day I woke up early and showered, not noticing any bug bites or other bugs. I still thought it was a one off deal.

I still cut my stay at that hotel short because it was filthy. Cigarette burns in the sheets, stinky water, dirty floors, bu

gs, etc.

9 days later I began to notice bug bites. All told I had about 12 bug bites on my arms and legs. I didn't know that bed bug bites have an incubation period and take time to show up. When I noticed the bug bites, I thought it might have been at a different hotel that I stayed at. Then I discovered this web site and the symptoms matched exactly what happened to me. That's when I realized what the bug I killed at the Days Inn was. Now I will begin the process of washing all the clothing/bedding that I own...

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We stayed at Days Inn for two weeks and that is why we are sure positively where our bed bug bites came from. Bed bugs bite and it takes nine days for the red bumps to start to show. Most people stay there a night maybe two and leave they never know what the bumps are maybe they think its heat rash. Our first night stay there my husband slept in bed closest to air conditioner with dog. I slept in bed closest to bathroom with cat. The next morning my husband got up and went to work I was making

his bed and I found a bug. I put the bug in a baggy and went directly to office to inquire if this was a bed bug and was told no it is just something that comes under the doors. Days later my husband started getting red bumps on arms, legs, back, chest they eventually started turning into welts and was even on his butt and private areas. I sent him to Dr. where they told him he had the worse case of bed bug bites he had ever seen. They prescribed him antehistemines and steroids. He left with a letter to owner of hotel notifying them they were infested with bed bugs. The worker took the letter and offered to move us to another room and apologized. He also told us they had just finished fumigating another room that also had bed bugs. We left the hotel and called owner the next day who promised to have an exterminater come out to our house and fumigate. They never showed up and he has not answered my calls today.
After we got home my husband had to shave down his entire body and the bites continued to appear and the welts got bigger all over his body and private parts. When we came home he even had what looked to be eggs in his private hair areas. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone not only do they have bed bugs they dalso have no customer service in helping you after you get them.

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