Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Pine Bluff/Pines Mall
2903 Pines Mall Dr
Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Found 2 reports:

Stayed on 7/02/14. My son found a bedbug on his bed. There was blood also near the bug. I quickly grabbed paper, smashed it, and threw it away! I dismissed the notion that this was a bedbug.

I always check these sites but, this time I only checked one. Upon returning home we looked up pictures of bed bugs online. I was clear that this was one. Stayed in room 105. I would be very cautious staying in this hotel.

Stayed one night on 12/6/11 and had approximately 30 bites. The bites are mostly on my face, arms, and back leading me to believe the pillow may have been infested. Contacted the hotel and left a message stating I had an issue and have not yet received a return call.

Went to the doctor and got a depromedrol shot and hydrocortisone perscription cream. The bites are still painful and itchy, with swelling.

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