Motel 6
400 W 29th St
North Little Rock, AR 72114-2129

Found 2 reports:

August 28th, 2015. After arm felt itchy, I got up and turned on the lights. I noticed red welts (8) on my arms. Found at least 2 bugs in room (photo evidence).

Told front desk "something" bit me. They automatically wrote B.B. (I assume for bedbugs) on the refund slip. I went to another hotel.

I stopped to stay in Little Rock for a few hours of sleep before continuing on my trip on June 9th, 2011. I acquired three bites on the back of my leg and dismissed them at first as mosquito bites. They turned strawberry red and itched like mad, turned into terrible looking welts, and became the size of dimes. After I returned home from my trip it dawned on me that I may have been bitten by bed bugs. About a week after being home I again had three bites. Luckily I made a conscious effort not to

itch them and they didn't turn out the same. Then I went into panic mode and bought the zip pouches for my mattresses and box springs. I continuously searched for any evidence and never saw anything. After putting the coverings on I didn't receive any more bites and had somewhat dismissed my potential infestation. This week my great aunt came to stay with me and she said she felt some bites on her, she is 92. I was devastated when I saw tons of bites on her arms, rear and even her forehead. Some of the bites look puss filled. I immediately called my pest control guy and he assisted me in inspecting the bedroom for evidence. He had a magnifying glass and flash light and has dealt with infestations before. We were unable to locate anything. I am mortified! Not only for my great aunt but also for my infant son. Not sure what to do from here.

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