La Quinta Inn & Suites Little Rock - Downtown
617 Broadway St
Little Rock, AR 72201-4119

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Stayed here on May 3, 2015 and woke up with numerous bed bug bites. Management denied they have bed bugs, but after doing some research, i discovered this hotel has had multiple complaints against it for bed bugs! I believe it is infested with them! This was just one of the problems I had with this hotel. It was unclean and garage was very unsafe!

Previously stayed at this hotel on a business trip with a few others on April 13-14 2015. We checked into the room and I have always been afraid of bed bugs so when my friends came into the room, I got on here and checked it out to find two other reports. I told them and we decided to pull the sheets up and look which we did and sure enough, you could see them crawling around, not a lot but some. The room had already been paid for by our company and they told us they would not refund us so we di

d not even bother calling the front desk and besides, it was 1 in the morning so they wouldn't have moved us at that time. We ended up in the bed that night only to wake up to bites on my arms and back. My friend also had bites but they were on her back and legs and she became highly allergic to them and now has a severe rash. The room was also very nasty and looked like the floor had not been cleaned in quite some time. Just warning to future stayers, there is bed bugs so I would not recommend staying here.

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The VA hospital in little rock puts the veterans in the la Quintana in downtown. So when my father and I came to AT. For his appointment that is where we stayed on July 14th 2014. When we went to bed I thought I felt something crawling on me and turned my phone light on sure enough a huge bed bug was crawling across me.I also noticed several places I had been bitten. I went to the front desk and told them the problem and he switched our rooms at 11:30 at night only to find an even more disgustin

g room with more bugs.No one came to check the room I guess because it's a normal complaint. Not being able to sleep I am writing this review at three in the morning. Do not stay at this hotel if you value a clean peaceful nights sleep free from bug mates. Also found a roach and extremely unclean rooms. What is even worse this is the hotel the VA sends our veterans who have bravely served our country. What a shame it is. Someone should do something.... come on Obama! These are the men and women who make up the best part of our country. A decent room is the least we could do.

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We stayed here July 21, 2013. After checking in, went to our room and pulled the sheets off of one corner of the bed. There were live bed bugs. We called the front desk. They came up immediately and checked out the situation. Confirming there were bed bugs, they moved us to another room which checked out fine.

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