Executive Inn
2600 W 65th St
Little Rock, AR 72209-8516

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Checked in tonight after 8:30 pm at the Executive Inn off the 65th St. exit of the Interstate and paid in advance for the room, rather than upon check out, because that was the hotel procedure. Was assigned to Room 131. While lying in bed watching TV, discovered a bug moving across the bottom sheet and smashed it, smearing blood on the sheet. Then decided to look the bed over more carefully, and found two more. With that, we were out of there. Gathered our things up and left, stopping at the fro

nt desk to request a refund as we were not staying. Was offered a different room, but were so freaked out there was no way would have stayed. Hotel management would not refund our money, would only offer a different room. This place was advertised in a coupon book we picked up from a state representative at a rest stop earlier in the day. Though bug beds can be found anywhere, this place seemed particularly seedy and we are sorry we stopped -- not many other cars in the parking lot, no comp breakfast, signs of disrepair in the hallways, remains of a lounge attached to the Inn which was no longer operating/in business. It had a nightmare appearance from the minute we stopped. Not sure management will address the problem.

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