Embassy Suites Hotel Little Rock
11301 Financial Centre Pkwy
Little Rock, AR

Found 4 reports:

My husband stayed at this hotel last week in room 701. He woke up with bed bug bites all over him. We have photos. They moved him up a floor,exterminated his clothes and luggage, but that did not help the fact that he was covered with bites. These bugs had to have been there awhile and multiplied to bite as much as they did. No excuse.

A man in room 728 woke up with a bed bug crawling on him. Has a picture, reported it to the hotel staff, was given another room but no other immediate action was taken.

My husband stays at this hotel every week and has never been exposed to bedbugs. And the claim of "stepped on one" needs to be removed. It's people like that who ruin these sites.

Steped on one on the floor

No nearby bug reports