Cranbury Inn and Suites
2110 John Harden Dr
Jacksonville, AR

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My husband and I recently stayed at Cranbury Inn and Suites Room 210 in Jacksonville, Arkansas. This particular time (July 2014) I had been in bed relaxing and then i got up to use the rest room. When i returned to bed I noticed a small bug crawling on the wall. I asked my husband to kill it and I lifted the covers to get back in bed I noticed there were several of the same bugs in the bed. My husband grabbed several with a tissue and when he smashed them there was blood in the tissue. I im

mediately wandered what kind of bugs they were and asked my husband if he thought they were bed bugs. So we googled bed bugs and there they were and also noticed pics of bed bug bites. He took it down to the front desk and they would not admit they bed bugs and refused to compensate us. Since that night the bites on my neck, arms back and stomach have been spreading and itching severely.

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On 17 Aug 2011 I discovered small raised bite marks on my arms and hands in the morning after getting to work. I didn't know what they were so I ignored it and the next day there were more of them and they itched. After a discussion with my classmates I was convinced that the hotel I was staying in (Cranbury Inn & Suites, Jacksonville AR) had bed bugs. After class I went back to the hotel and tore apart the bed to discover them in between the mattress and box spring at one of the corners next

to the wall. I immediately checked out and went to another hotel. I suggest anyone staying in Jacksonville AR avoid the Cranbury Inn & Suites for the time being.

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