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Checked in Sunday July 2, 2011 around 2:30pm. Hotel was very clean and staff was very friendly. We were given Room 329. Upon entering our room, I did a thorough inspection of the room, as I do at every hotel I stay. Since our room had 2 queen beds I started with the bed closest to the door. The bedding looked fine. I didnt notice any of the tell-tale dark staining on the mattresses. However, we removed the headboard on bed #1 and there was a bed bug. I inspected very carefully to make sure that

it was infact a bed bug. Yes it was. I immediately sent my husband downstairs to get a manager. They sent the head of housekeeping up to our room to inspect. She was very apologetic but did not deny what we already knew. She took the bug with her in a napkin. They were very apologetic and accomodating. They offered to give us another room but no deal! I cut our vacation short and came home. Its very unfortunate because its not necessarily a reflection of the hotel itself but rather you are at the mercy of whoever stayed in your room before you. PLEASE check your rooms. Bed bugs are nocturnal. They sleep in the day and feed at night. They hide from light and most likely you will find them near your bed. On mattresses, headboard, in cracks, etc. All hotel headboards are mounted to the wall and can be removed. I was disturbed that the head of housekeeping said in her training they never taught them to look behind the headboards. Thats the main place they hide!

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