Super 8 Hope
I-30 & Ar-4
Hope, AR 71801

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In March of 2011 I woke up with three bites on my torso and my husband with one on torso and one on his face. We'd never encountered bed bugs and thought they mesquito bites until our family doctor confirmed that they were bed bug bites. We called the Super 8 to report and they tried to deny that we would have experienced such a thing at their hotel - it took almost six months for them to stop itching/scars to go away. It's too bad because (on the surface) that was the nicest Super 8 I'd ever

stayed at.

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Room 109. Found bugs under sheet. Reported in and was told that maybe because other people have bad hygiene. Moved to another room. Wanted to move to another hotel but there were not any available. Got bit on back still have a rash. Weary of traveling anywhere. Hotel did nothing because of our troubles.

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