Super 8 Fayetteville Ar
1075 S Shiloh Dr
Fayetteville, AR 72701-3762

Found 2 reports:

July 11, 2013

Checked into SAME ROOM listed earlier on this site (213) and when I looked at the pillow on the bed, there was a bedbug. I put it in a cup, also gathered my belongings (which thankfully were NOT on the bed or any other fabric in the room) and returned to the desk with bug in cup and plans to leave with full refund in hand.

I had NO trouble leaving hotel with my full refund - nor did my two business colleagues who opted out of this hotel once I'd found the bedbug. The staff w

as very apologetic and embarrassed.

see full report...

Quick and to the point. Friday June 7, 2013 room 213 I woke up to a bed bug on my pillow. I threw back the sheets to get up and found a baby one also on my sheets. I took pics to show the person working and this dude had the nerve to try and tell me it was a lady bug. Uh no, it was bed bugssssss. Beware! !!!!!!!

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