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Checked in on 8/27/12 took up our stuff and got the kiddos situated for bed since it was already pretty late. I was laying with my son when I had got up to take some meds I forgot to take and laid back down. I rolled over to cover up my child to find two bugs on the pillow. I jumped out of the bed grabbed my son and got everyone else up to check the other bed. Sure enough they were crawling in both beds. We contacted the front desk and was questioning any other reports and to clarify these were

bed bugs seeing we had never seen them but heard about them. The man did not want to come look and said I'm sure that's what they are but this is the first time we've heard about it. Didn't seem logical at all and he kept avoiding us asking further questions responding I'll just let housekeeping know tomorrow. We did get a refund but are absolutely disgusted by the situation as well as how it was handled like it was not a big concern. We will not be staying at a comfort inn and suites again.

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