Clarion Inn
1255 S Shiloh Dr
Fayetteville, AR 72701-7800

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in room 124 on July 22-24, 2011. Awoke first morning and noted raised and flat reddened areas over neck; no itching. Next morning, had 3 more spots over right cheek on face; no itching. Room mate in other bed - no symptoms, thus far. Am a medical person so I began antihistamines and cortisone topical on 24th at home. Just hope I didn't carry them home - left luggage atop furniture or in drawer.

Stayed in room 131, searched the room, pulled sheets back, got in bed and kept feeling itchy all night, I kept my clothes on because the itchy feeling in bed. I woke up and had slept on my stomach and my shirt had lifted up during the night exposing my belly. I have a large area on my stomach of bite marks/raised welps. I was told the next day by a nurse that it appeared to be bed bug bites.

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