Holiday Inn Blytheville
1121 E Main St
Blytheville, AR

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As an official representative of the Holiday Inn Blytheville, I would like to follow up on the report dated 9/8/2011. After our staff was made aware of the situation, the specified room and all adjacent rooms were confined until they were inspected by a nationaly recognized pest control company. We had this room and all surrounding rooms inspected. We are pleased to notify you that the inspection concluded there were no bed bugs, nor any traces of bed bugs found.

Glen Haynes
Rooms Division

Holiday Inn, Blytheville, AR.

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08/17/2010 -

Room had at least 4 misquitos and apparently was infested with bed bugs. I didn't notice until late the next day - but i was bitten repeatedly while i slept and brought some home with me. horrible stay.

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