Embassy Suites Hotel Montgomery Conference Center
300 Tallapoosa St
Montgomery, AL 36104-2552

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My colleague and I were staying in the hotel 1/22/15- 1/23-15 for a conference and have stayed there on two previous ocassions without problem. On the second morning my friend woke up with several welts on her neck and face. We looked under the mattress and between the mattress and sheets but didn't see anything. After our morning session at the conference we went back to inspect the pillows and found a light brown bug crawling inside the pillow case. We reported the incident to the manager w

ho said that she would have the exterminator do an inspection. The maid came in shortly as we were leaving and it is very likely that she is transporting bed bugs all over the floor, as it seems that floor 5 is having a problem according to previous reports. We are waiting to hear back from the GM and will be reporting this to the health dept.

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Follow up to my report below. I received a call on Monday (Bed Bug Experience was Saturday night) from the GM (Brendan England) and he was extremely professional and assured me he would look into the issue. He called me back on Tues. to let me know that the pest control company had come in and confirmed bed bugs. He also said that he shut down the room and also the rooms directly above,below and next to 501 until further notice. I was very pleased with the fact that he called back to let me know

that I would receive a full refund for my stay and that they would cover any medical expenses if myself or my daughter had any issues related to the bug(s). I feel awful for hotels like this as they work so hard to keep these critters out and all it takes is someone not educated with bedbugs to create a major problem. Going forward I will store my luggage in the bathroom (in the tub) and inspect any room whether it is the Ritz Carlton or Motel 6! THANKS Embassy Suites for handling this as well as you did!

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I was working on my laptop in bed (ROOM 501) and saw something move. I jumped up and caught the thing in a cup. It was about the size of a small lady bug. I took it down to the night manager at around 2:30 AM CST and she was more grossed out than me. She gave me a new room and let me keep my bags in the old room so I wouldn't infect the new room. We left about 3 hours later as I couldn't take it! I asked for a refund while checking out as I had found blood stains on the comforter the night befor

e and didn't think about that being related to bed bugs. She gave me the card for the GM and said to call him Monday.

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Room 549. Found what appeared to be a bed bug on my pillow. Small, brown and alive. Tried to snap a picture but it crawled away. Called the front desk and spoke to rhonda who is less than professional. Had to call down after 10 minutes and speak to someone else to get a manager. Only then did the manager come up to the room and switch me. As a diamond member for hilton, platinum for priority club and gold at marriott, I'd say I stay over 140 nights a year in hotels. I've seen a bed bug o

r two and have had numerous co-workers take pics of their bed bug experiences.

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