Sleep Inn
2275 Cobbs Ford Rd
Millbrook, AL 36054-4214

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This is the third time I wrote to report our encounter with bed bugs at this motel, did you not receive the report or are you just ignoring the report???? We checked into this motel on January 4th and checked out at 2:30AM when we discovered the bed bugs.

Please acknowledge that you received this e-mail!!!

I sent in a report on this Sleep Inn several days ago and you still do not have a report about a bed bug encounter at this site.

We checked into the Sleep Inn in Millbrook Al. (2295 Cobbs Ford Rd.) around 4:30 PM on January 4th and were given room 110. We always check the room out before we consent to rent the room. The room appeared clean and well kept along with the lobby and other public areas. With the recent news about the bed bug epidemic, I have been checking the beds in all the motels we have stayed in but found no evidence of bed bugs on the beds after examining various parts of the mattress and box spring. At 2

:30 AM I was awakened by being bitten and jumped out of bed and grabbed my travel flashlight and shined it on the opened sheets and found streaks and spots of blood as well as several engorged bed bugs that I killed. I went to the desk and reported it to the person on duty at the desk. I told her we were going to check out immediately and requested plastic bags to seal everything we had in the room. I told her we would not pay for the room and she said that the manager would have to make that decision when he came in around 8:30 AM. I did receive an e-mail from the manager on January 5th saying that my credit card would be credited and he was going to take care of the situation immediately. I HOPE SO!!! I'm still feeling violated after putting all of our clothes and other items that we could in a clothes dryer on high for an hour. After washing all items we could and vacuuming those would could not, I'm still feeling violated!!!

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