Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Gulf Shores
160 W Commerce Ave
Gulf Shores, AL 36542

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I woke up Saturday morning (2/22/14) and noticed a small streak of blood in the bed. I figured I had cut myself in my sleep. I started noticing itchy bumps on my arms Sunday night and Monday. I didn't think much of them until multiple ones began to pop up. I googled bed bugs and discovered blood on the sheets is a sign as well as bites in lines of 3. We called the hotel and they tried to tell us it was sand fleas (we were only at the beach for maybe 2 hours). I I have about 15+ spots on my

arm, I'm hoping I didn't bring them home with me.

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We checked in to this hotel on 1/21/12. It was very clean and all the staff were very nice. When we got to our room #326, I did the proper procedure for checking for bed bugs. I was pretty paranoid about it, after reading articles and seeing a show about bed bugs. I left my luggage by the door and pulled the sheets back to check the mattresses, behind them, around the beds, checked the nightstand, etc. Everything was spotless, including the mattresses, so I felt pretty good about it. We we

re there right at check in time, because we were there for a wedding and needed to get ready. But later on that night, as I was turning off the light to go to sleep I looked up and there they were. About five full grown bed bugs, some crawling straight for my husband on the headboard! I immediately got dressed and we started packing up. My husband went and got the manager, and he moved us to another room right away. Once the manager got there, it was as if they all came out of hiding and they were crawling on the bed and pillows by that point (so gross!!). The manager was very nice and apologetic about the whole situation. I was a wreck, thinking about taking these bugs into my home with two children and two cats (luckily the kids were not with us). We moved our things to another room (which was bug free-I woke up many times during our 4 hour sleeping period to check) and took our suitcase to the dryer to rid our clothes of bugs (just in case). The manager let us use the hotel dryers so we wouldn't have to pay to use the dryers. He comped our room for that night, and because we were scared to take our suitcase home, they replaced our suitcase and we threw ours away. I bagged up our shoes and smaller toiletry bags, to launder when I got home on our dryer rack. I hope and pray that I have done everything to prevent them from entering our home. It was the worst experience of my life! I will say that I believe it was pretty isolated in the hotel, because we had a lot of family through out the hotel all on the second floor(probably 15-18 separate room, and no one else had any problems. Trust me, we called and woke them up to check. As I said, the manager and all the staff were very nice, and the manager said in his 15 years of hotel work he has never dealt with bed bugs. I don't know how long it takes for a bed bug to be fully grown, but they were full grown and very obviously there. I don't know if I will ever be able to walk into a hotel room again without being very worried. They seemed to be coming out of the headboard-one of those that are bolted to the wall. I think that was their hiding place because like I said, there were no signs of them anywhere. Which makes me even more scared that they are only going to show themselves after midnight. By that point we have been in the room for HOURS!! Anyway, they acted like they were going to take care of the problem, and I told him to be sure when calling around to ask exterminators if they specialize in bedbugs so that they get properly treated, since he didn't have any knowledge of them.

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