Sleep Inn & Suites Evergreen
78 Liberty Hill Pl
Evergreen, AL

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I originally posted that this establishment had bed bugs, but after talking with the manager the next day he informed me that his Sleep Inn had been having problems with a millipede infestation in their flower beds. He said that the bug I left for him in the plastic bag appeared to be a baby millipede. He stated that the babies somewhat resemble a bed bug. He guaranteed me that at this time they had no knowledge of ever having a bed bug problem. He was very courteous and offered to comp my sta

y. I took him at his word and have stayed at this hotel several times since this incident, and to date I haven't found any signs of bed bugs. I have asked to remove this hotel from their registry on several occasions but they haven't honored my request, so this is why I am posting this comment. I would like both of these comments removed please. Thank you!

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Upon arriving at Sleep Inn in Evergreen Alabama on 10/22/2013 around 8p.m. I went up to my room (Room 212) after checking in. As usual, I didn't take anything with me to the room before inspecting my room for bedbugs. After removing all of the bedding off of the mattresses, I inspected the mattresses with my led flashlight. Long story short I found three bedbugs hiding on the top edge of the box spring mattress. While shining my light on them they started to crawl very slowly. While trying to pu

t them in a plastic ice bag from the hotel I accidentally smashed 2 of them but was able to retrieve 1 of them in the bag which I took to the front desk clerk. She was very friendly and hospitable when I advised her that I needed to check out immediately due to finding bedbugs in my room. She assured me that she would notify management about the situation & show them the captured bedbug in the plastic bag. Please, NOONE should stay at this establishment until this problem is resold

Michael Knighten

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