Embassy Suites
2300 Woodcrest Pl
Birmingham, AL 35209-1304

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At approximately 5:30am on the morning of April 26, I was awakened by a bedbug-looking insect running across my hand. I immediately turned on the lamp to get a closer look and called the front desk clerk to come retrieve the bug from the bed where I lay.

At 7:30am I proceeded downstairs to check-out of the hotel--after leaving several personal effects in the room for fear of further contamination of my own property or, worse, my home. I was informed that a "bedbug trained staff member" had d

etermined that the insect in question was "too big be a bedbug" and that it was "some type of beetle". I was then handed my hotel bill and told to "Have a great day."

I have pictures of the bug in my bed as well as Internet bedbug pictures (not to mention photos of all the personal items I left behind). I have since sought the opinion of others--who have NOT had any formal "bedbug training"-- who concur with me that the bug in my hotel bed appears to have been a bedbug. I have reported the incident to the national Embassy Suites customer service department and am in contact with the Jefferson County Health Department.

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