Spenard Motel
3960 Spenard Rd
Anchorage, AK 99517-3003

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Staying here recently in December, been here since October been noticing welts n bites... I am now scarred I finally found a bug and told them and they tell me it's my fault!! They claim you signed rules you will be kicked out and deposit withheld if you are found with bedbugs. Had I known that that this was going to be the nightmare it was I would have never shown up. I'll remember next time how important it is to thoroughly check and read and re read and even RE READ everything.

This is ye

ar 2015!!

see full report...

stayed here in the spring, and a few times this fall (and visited a lady of Ill Repute Nov 5th) this place is FILTHY, but never got bed bugs here.

last summer spent the night and woke up with bites all over my ankles,wrists ,forearms,neck areas.I will never stay there ever again.It was one of the rooms(upstairs)overlooking the alley.

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