Mush Inn Motel
333 Concrete St
Anchorage, AK 99501-2822

Found 3 reports:

This Hotel is infested with bedbugs and roaches, the owners tries to treat by heating rooms but they treat wrong by only doing one room, This has effectively spread them through the entire hotel. This is a hotel where there are long term tenants with no where to go go and if they complain they get kicked out. If you are a short term tenant and complain you get put on the no re-rent list.

need to call an attorney ASAP if you value your life dont stay here

Stayed here for a while and was covered with strange bites that itched really bad. I went and complained to the hotel desk and they sent the housekeeper down to our room who offered us a can of spray. A few days later we saw them having two rooms professionally done by an exterminator, the next day a couple more. we complained again but nothing was done so we moved to another hotel.We washed all of our stuff twice before going and threw away some things we thought might be a bedbug hideout becau

se we didnt want to take the chance of taking the nasty insects with us. This was the summer of 2011 June and July.

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