Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
239 W 4th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501-2318

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I stayed at this hotel during my Alaska trip on August 9 and 10 this year. In the middle of the night I woke up with itch all over. When I turned on the light I found at least 6-7 bugs on the bed sheet and pillow, big and fat with my blood! I couldn't believe my eyes as I had never encountered bedbugs in hotels in my life until then. I called the hotel staff, - incredibly, they were extremely rude to me. Even though they eventually switched me to a different room that morning, their attitude was

very hostile! Orded me to "shake the sheets before leaving" since they "don't want me to carry the bugs to the next room". Unbelieveable. I would never stay at this hotel again and tell anyone to run as fast as you can from this place. Really put a damper on my first few days of vacation.

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I had to get a hotel for a week while my mother was having open heart surgery in Anchorage. I checked in Sunday Aug 13th, and was staying until the following Sunday. I crashed hard that night, and had to go into work the following morning. I didn't even realize until my sister came down on tuesday that my room was infested with bed bugs. She located and captured about three of them and took them to the hotel staff, where they confirmed they were bed bugs. I was later moved to another room.

Did sleep well the remander of my trip. Luckly I had only 2 days left. I am still working with hotel for a refund. So far I have not gotten the manager to call me back. I am still awaiting a response.

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I needed a cheap place to stay for a conference the weekend of August 3rd through 5th 2012. I wish I had paid a little more to stay somewhere else. After spending 2 nights in the motel I noticed itchy bug bites and thought it was mosquitoes. When I got home from my trip and undressed to take a shower and realized I was covered in bites. I immediately took all of my luggage and put it in the garage in a trash bag. I haven't seen any bugs but I was seen by a physician who was 99% sure I had been b

it by bed bugs. I am terrified that my house will become infested.

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We came in exhausted and just fell into bed.
Next morning my wife said , "hey.. a bug"
After a little Google search... Yep!

In the month of February, 2012 I went in to Anchorage for training and I happen to check-in Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel but I quickly checked-out after seeing a couple of bed bugs on the pillow and on the covers. One was almost transparent and I could see that it had been feeding on someone before me and one was an adult, rusty red in color. Ive dealt with bed bug issues before and I strongly do not recommend staying in this run down old hotel. Be careful! Don't take them home!

bed bug infestation at howard johnson hotel.

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