Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

October 01

Garden Plaza Hotel Atlanta Norcross Found many bed bugs in the bed and

1216 N Edgemont St Oh man, where to begin. This started when the manage

Capital Blvd My father and his wife stayed at this motel Sept. 28 and 2

Embassy Suites Hotel Baltimore At BWI Airport Checked in on Wed Sept 24

Holiday Inn Express La Junta Hotel 27-sep-2014 Room 205 bed bug bites

Fairfield Inn & Suites Oklahoma City Airport I stayed one night at

Deerfield Inn There were bedbugs out in a lighted room.when we checked

Scottish Inns Dunmore I decided to stay at this hotel to save some mone

820 Limeridge Rd E September 2014 Horrible run complex, bedbugs in

513 Ridgecrest Dr

Days Inn Raleigh Downtown Fri 9/26, approx 4:30am: My roommate was b

942 Clarks Ln Sometime in early 2013 the girlfriend of apartment 3 tena

Thrifty Inn Nashville while staying at thrifty inn I notice bites on my

2366 Commonwealth Ave Not sure how the bedbugs happened. We just moved

1200 Gravesend Neck Rd This building needs to be inspected by the City.

116 Walmer Rd I rented a room from Mr. Singh at 116 Walmer during 2013-

755 York Mills Rd Like most building it has mice and cockroaches, but I

330 Dixon Rd Our family began getting red pattern bites toward the end

2445 15th St Nw There were bed bugs in my apartment in 2008 and again i

77 Roehampton Ave In July 2014, there was mice found in this building.

16 Arlington St Rent this apartment. Started moving furniture in before

Hilton Atlanta Northeast Shocked at the condition of this hotel. Found

51 Times Ave When we first moved in, we had found cockroaches and bedbu

1786 Hennepin Ave Sept. 2014, 2 people living in the apartment building

65 Broadway Ave Bed bugs being covered up for several years. BOTH 55

824 W Tucumcari Blvd Two people in two different rooms got bed bug bite

41 Spadina Rd We bought a mattress from Sleep Country Canada and it was

Travelodge Page AZ Hi, We stay there yesterday evening with a friend (

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Vacaville I Stayed there rec

10640 123 Ave Nw My neighbour had bedbugs and when the exterminators sp

Crowne Plaza Princeton myself and numerous guests reported bedbugs and

September 30

10 Ivy Ave I am the landlord of this property. We never had a positive

545 E 44th Ave Our son's apt is infested. A landlord in denial. Upon in

722 Iowa Ave case number 4348329 city report

516 Ellis St September 2014 - This building has bed bugs. Management do

Best Western Lee-jackson Inn & Conference Center We checked in at 1


201 Des Meurons Bed bug found in August 2014, landlord stated he has a

447 7th Ave I've had bedbugs since the first week I moved in. Landlor

Marriott Hotels Resorts Suites I stayed at the Marriott September 22-26

1271 Church St On thanksgiving of 2013 was my first bite. I did not k

Days Inn Panama City After three hours I had to leave! Top floor the t

301 W Lawrence St an inspection occurred today at the Sherwood apartmen

25027 46th Ave S, Apt B 301 Tuesday, September 16, 2014 I woke up to wh

1813 Bennett Dr Our neighbors found bedbugs in their apartment and we s

100 Wellesley St E Bedbugs. not a lot.

Ramada Inn & Suites Airport Center on the morning of 09/25/14 i

603 W 140th St Bedbugs confirmed in apartments 62, 52, and 42 by global