Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

October 17

Super 8 Vancouver October 16 2014 we found room 514 has bedbugs. At fir

October 16

5748 Rupert St Two and a half months and five sprays. I paid for three.

October 15

1408 Strathmore Mews This place is full of silverfish in several floors

1770 Barclay St October 2013 - Bed bugs were found in several suites on

October 13

1880 E Pender St Bed bugs. I honestly dont even mind the cockroaches...

801 E 6th Ave Moved into building in May of 2013. Building is old and i

October 11

2240 Triumph St Just moved in, found a couple bed bugs, and I trust the

October 08

Copper Chimney - Hotel Le Soleil I stayed in Hotel Le Soleil on Septemb

October 07

1869 Frances St These buildings are INFESTED with bed bugs and cockroac

October 04

8735 Selkirk St We have had bedbugs 3 times now, and just doing the 3rd

October 01

2184 Wall St Just thought I'd clear this up. I am currently living here

September 30

545 E 44th Ave Our son's apt is infested. A landlord in denial. Upon in

131 Regiment Sq This building has another case, if not multiple. My roo

September 29

431 E Pender St This place is infested with bed bugs. The landlord Cath

1676 Frances St I moved into this building in the spring of 2014. I cam

September 27

1265 Burnaby St Found bed bugs on my unit on the 12th floor. After a fe

July 31

1875 Robson St We've had a number of outbreaks in the past two years. W

1855 E Georgia St This apartment is a total joke. They have had on goin

February 27

1811 Adanac St The building is infested with bugs , ours ex manager get

February 26

550 Pacific St We moved into a rental suite at 550 pacific st. It is a

February 24

1078 Harwood St it is full of rats, mexican which are into party all ni

February 22

107 E Broadway Moved in last September and never had a clue about the h


February 15

1155 Pacific St So many people in and out of this building especially t

1170 Barclay St Didn't see any bedbugs here while we lived here Moved

February 13

455 Abbott St There was a sprinkler flood on the sixth floor approximat

February 10

522 E 8th Ave In the summer from August 2012-October 2012 there was, ye

February 09

3720 W 7th Ave No bedbugs but could not get rid of silverfish. Generall

1235 Nelson St from Pest control Supervisor Vancouver BC .2013 apartme

February 08

1134 Burnaby St Beware of 1134 Burnaby Street! Owner is currently listi

600 E 6th Ave The report that says "my name is dean" was not written by

February 07

75 E 8th Ave I would like to confirm all that was written and add to wh

730 E 8th Ave It only happened recently. But i was covered in marks

February 05

1952 Comox St Certified bedbug and pest free by Orkin Canada.

February 02

55 Powell St place is one of the best low rent places in the city and h

403 E Hastings St We stayed at this hotel in summer, 2012. I booked thi

January 30

55 Water St This is a new looking building and so i was very suprised t

711 Broughton St I really don't think you can just single out this buil

January 29

1 E Cordova St I used to live on the fisrt floor and there is a huge ne

8635 Shaughnessy St Pretty sure the person called "Greatful Tenant" is

January 28

1985 Wallace St Still a huge bedbug problem here that has now spread to