Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

July 05

1086 Bute St When I lived in this building there was NEVER any manageme

1332 Thurlow St I have been living here for the past 8 years and have n

Heather Street V6P 3S6 - 8669 Heather St. (Lonsdale Court) After liv

July 04

609 Gore Ave This is a very old filthy building extensively infested wi

July 01

1831 Robson St BED BUGS!!! Third time now I've had to get sprayed. The

Robson Street I have lived at 1831 Robson Street for over a decade now

1133 Barclay St I haven't had any bed bugs but I have seen other pests

June 30

2228 Triumph St My name is Lee and I'm currently the manager of 2228 Tr

June 27

330 Nanaimo St Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time

June 26

239 E Georgia St I've lived in this building since it opened. I've had

June 21

East Pender Street We have bed bugs in our townhouse. We have bagged an

June 19

2345 Dundas St I just wanted to add to my report that the landlords wer

June 17

1265 Beach Ave Bed bugs in this building .. Getting a second spray

June 16

2111 Main St I made the mistake of trying a stay in this hotel. The we

June 15

1160 Haro St Lived here for 6 months last year. Was fine for a couple o

June 12

2010 Barclay St Hi, I am looking at an available studio here. Since thi

June 11

2754 W 4th Ave I have lived here and have 4 apartments in the building

June 07

1286 E 12th Ave There were bed bugs in the house. a professional inspec

June 06

520 W 7th Ave Landlord allowed me to move into a unit that has bed bugs

June 05

8938 Montcalm St Bedbugs were there when we moved in. Owner was happy t

1357 Barclay St Please search for me andy nagy a tanant by the name of

June 03

2001 Beach Ave There are no bed bugs in this block. Believe me, having

1176 Granville St Stayed two nights in room 207, sleeping in bed closes

1037 E 8th Ave Found bedbug in #304 in December 2009. Landlord delt wit

June 02

2025 W 1st Ave I have a few random bites, then I saw something moving.

May 31

1620 E Pender St May 31, 2015 Update: Haven't had an outbreak of bed

May 30

1201 W Georgia St Are there any updates on this building? Any current t

May 29

2150 Kingsway I found out that this apartment building had bed bugs whe

May 26

807 E 6th Ave We have bed bugs. spent a fortune on bed bug covers have

1609 Harwood St Management would like to advise all tenants and potenti

1212 Granville St Stayed May 20th 2015 Woke in morning to blood spot

May 23

819 Nicola St Mondeliving is a dishonest, manipulative and cheating com

May 19

833 E Broadway I've lived in the building for over a year and haven't h

May 15

1651 Harwood St Bedbugs were found in a unit in 1651 harwood st, on Feb

May 14

1234 Barclay St Hi,I am the new manager of the esticana apartments at 1

May 13

1075 Jervis St May / 15 / 15 There are all types of insects in the

801 E 6th Ave 801 East 6th Avenue is a disaster area, but BE AWARE that

55 Powell St Filled with mice and bed bugs. Very shady landlords who li

May 10

1696 W 11th Ave Please note if there has been a bed bug infestation at

Super 8 Vancouver Stayed there from May 1-9th. I was on the 4th floor.

May 09

909 Mainland St The place was really clean. I'm not reporting bedbugs.