Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

December 17

1417 E 8th Ave These rooms are full of bed bugs no one is doing anythin

1305 Jervis St Building has been completely renovated in summer of 2014

December 16

1547 Comox St Just because there is no report here, it does not mean th

December 13

55 Powell St 2014 November Bed bug infestation. Landlords didn't te

1075 Jervis St any issues in 2014????

December 11

1650 Haro St I am Walter wrote a short note back in 2011, I have lived

1408 Strathmore Mews Update on BBs found in October - heat treatment (c

2153 Franklin St September-December 2014. Many bed bugs around the room

December 09

1990 Haro St December 2014: there are 3 suites (2nd & 3rd floor) that

December 06

1501 Haro St Have lived here for 3 years with never any sign of a bed b

December 05

1333 Haro St I have been living there for about 4 years. We had bed bug

December 04

1394 Robson St I stayed at this hotel as as short term 30 day rental, a

786 E Hastings St I lived at the Woodbine from Sept 2009 until May 2011

November 23

1035 Pacific St Ongoing issue with bed bug infestation in a top floor u

8655 Oak St Moved in at the very end of October 2014. Heard about the b

2178 Triumph St Moved in two months ago, already found bedbugs. Knocked

November 22

2326 Eton St the cleaning lady is a complete night mare i see her going

November 21

2345 Dundas St november 2014, while doing laundry I saw a bug casually

November 19

145 E 15th Ave This building has experienced issues with bed bugs on an

November 16

972 E 17th Ave Whole house heat treatment finally resolved the problem.

November 15

1333 Hornby St November 14, 2014 One large bed bug found on pillow,

November 14

2345 Dundas St After moving into our new apartment on October 1, 2014,

1151 Haro St Entered the place on Nov 1st (2014).My roomate and I start

November 13


November 11

1894 Kingsway I lived at 1894 Kingsway for about 2 years Starting from

November 10

3893 2nd Ave W Bed Bugs August 2014

1400 Robson St Stayed at the Empire Landmark Hotel. Three days in got b

November 09

1623 Haro St the landloard in this building is a piece of sh!t he said

November 06

801 E 6th Ave Moved in 2014. Bedbugs noticed within the first month. Ma

November 04

1031 Burnaby We were staying here in summer 2014. There were bedbugs in

November 03

1676 Frances St Update with regards to the move out. They don't have an

November 01

330 Nanaimo St June 2013 - October 2014 Bedbugs throughout building,

October 31

928 Main St moved into new unit, woke up with bites for a few days. Fou

1835 Mclean Dr October 2014 We moved in several years ago, and luckily

October 26

455 Abbott St building is infested with bedbugs. Hundreds of them in th

October 22

840 Broughton St Bed bugs were found in 2 suites on Sep 23, 2014.

October 17

Super 8 Vancouver October 16 2014 we found room 514 has bedbugs. At fir

October 16

5748 Rupert St Two and a half months and five sprays. I paid for three.

October 15

1770 Barclay St October 2013 - Bed bugs were found in several suites on

October 13

1880 E Pender St Bed bugs. I honestly dont even mind the cockroaches...

October 11

2240 Triumph St Just moved in, found a couple bed bugs, and I trust the

October 08

Copper Chimney - Hotel Le Soleil I stayed in Hotel Le Soleil on Septemb

October 07

1869 Frances St These buildings are INFESTED with bed bugs and cockroac

October 04

8735 Selkirk St We have had bedbugs 3 times now, and just doing the 3rd

October 01

2184 Wall St Just thought I'd clear this up. I am currently living here

September 30

545 E 44th Ave Our son's apt is infested. A landlord in denial. Upon in