Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

April 26

1440 Lawrence Ave W Ever since 2 months ago bed bugs have been living i

92 Ash Crescent Bed bugs have been found in multiple apartments. But la

63 Roehampton Ave Started seeing lots of roaches and now they're gone.

April 25

135 Rose Ave i moved out this building last month, definitely bedbugs o

601 Finch Ave W I lived there from 2012-2014. Once, about a year after

2292 Weston Rd I moved in here on april 1st 2015. Soon as we moved in

246 Cosburn Ave Had lived in this building for ten years no problems..T

818 Broadview Ave Recently moved out of this building due to roaches an

299 Glenlake Ave I have lived here for about 4 years and I do agree wit

April 24

29 Louvain Ave Anybody can give me update on this building?

52 Mabelle Ave The building is infested with cockroaches and bed bugs.

170 Islington Ave This building is horrible. Do not rent here. We mov

70 Grange Ave Old house, and as the others have written, there are many

April 23

15 Erskine Avenue this building is clean f any bugs of any sort 1 disgr

5 Greentree Crt thought this place was fine & moved in mid-April - we h

730 Ontario St This building is absolutely infested. I moved in April 2

5949 Yonge St It's been about a week since I started to get bug bites.

60 Gowan Ave The Super the so called Suzie is an east eropean bitch and

April 22

708 Coxwell Avenue Bed bugs started on upper level in January of 2015.

April 21

71 Merton St April 22, 2015 All items below, with exception of first

390 Dawes Rd My family and I moved in here in 2012 and when we did it w

111 Lawton Blvd Can anyone tell me if this apartment has bedbugs right

540 Sherbourne St

20 Teesdale Pl this place is good only for creatures that likes eating

214 St George St Has anyone experienced more recent occurrences? Anyone

April 20


200 Roehampton Ave The lobby also always smells like rotting garbage/vo

50 Burn Hill Rd This building still has bed bug problems. The untidy be

77 Huntley St Hello, I moved into 77 Huntley Street, March 5th, 2015. I

1960 Keele Street roach problem lately .had mega rats when I first go

April 19

39 Rameau Drive Please stay away from this location. It is filthy and f

190 Woolner Avenue this building is infested i get bitten at least once

April 18

30 Cosburn Ave Lived there for most of 2014. We had thousands ( not exa

77 Erskine Ave No bed bugs or roaches, but ants and mice are definitely

April 17

45 Balliol St Hi, I was looking into moving in this building. Was wonde

200 Wellesley St E bedbugs still runnin ramppet

April 16

100 Gloucester St I lived here for 1.5 years and had a pretty good expe

650 Parliament St the woman in thier office are very cannot a

April 15

60 Clearview Heights Moved in about a year ago. Had no issues for the f