Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

January 28

15 Dundonald St This is a horrible building. My partner and I moved in

30 Hillsboro Ave I am searching for a place and liked the newly renovat

50 Stephanie St I moved in 9 months ago, we've been sprayed for cockroa

7 Walmer Rd I've lived in this building for 7.5 years and have never ha

January 27

160 Huron St Does anyone know if there have been anymore incidents?

120 Raglan Ave Not sure about bed bugs but the building definitely has

554 Lansdowne Ave We are the new owners of the building 554 Lansdowne A

2050 Keele St In October 2013 Building Management changed hands. Since

January 26

111 Oxford St Bed bug infestations in at least three of rooms in the gr

70 Spadina Rd This building had has bed bugs on multiple floors in the

956 St Clair Ave W We lived in the apartment on top of the Yummi Laundr

2405 Finch Ave W We signed a lease and was going to move in. We were do

January 25

159 Glenholme Ave Ch

111 Davisville Ave No bedbugs (yet) but there is a Pharoah Ant infestat

64 Wellesley St E I have lived in the building since 2010. It had good

January 24

174 High Park Ave January 2013, moved in to small apartment within this

124 Broadway Ave Hello Dec 31 2014 I have been living in t

404 Palmerston Blvd There have been bed bugs at this address for at lea

200 Dufferin St Bed bugs! Found one my apartment and fellow tenants ope

January 23

1251 King St W The cockroach problem in this building is insane. They

147 Dundas St E Have been dealing with bed bugs here since 2011. Do not

10 San Romanoway I moved into san Romanoway in 2012, at the time it was

1276 Islington Ave Definitely cockroaches in this apartment - I kill ab

60 Pleasant Blvd Just recently moved out. This is one of the worst mana

100 Gowan Ave There has been a serious bed bug problem in this building

2928 Yonge St I've lived at 2932 Yonge Street for about a year and a ha

145 Cosburn Ave There's an infestation of roaches which is really disap

105 W Lodge Ave I have lived here since Sept 09; have had a few issues

January 22

386 Bathurst St There was a widespread infestation from atleast april 2

15 Shallmar Blvd We moved out of this building in August of 2012. We go

77 Huntley St Go to This stuff works, a

Quality Suites Toronto Airport A fellow traveller told us he found a be

20 Teesdale Pl Most fucked up people works in this building rude as hel

361 The West Mall There are not bed bugs in this building, but there ar

2101 Islington Ave We found lotd of bed bugs at this place.also complai

January 21

1577 Lawrence Ave W January 1, 2015 This place is a nightmare! The l

730 Dovercourt Rd I have lived in this building for more than 2 years a

80 Blake St I live on 4/ and currently have bed bugs I know that the

75 42nd St No bugs at all in the building. Just one whorebag that fucks

January 20

323 Rusholme Rd I experienced a similar infestation. I've been here for

80 St Clair Ave W any updates on the bed bug situation in this apartmen

January 19

22 Close Ave I have lived in this building for 8 years and have never h

120 Torresdale Ave We have had a NIGHTMARE TIME here at 120 Torresdale

75 Cosburn Ave Dear Lived Here for blah blah years... Who the hell c

32 Maynard Ave we found bedbugs in this location. and It does not go. n

104 Pembroke December 1, 2014. Found Bedbugs and cockroaches in 2 apart