Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

October 20

20 Godstone Rd This building is disgusting i lived there until recently

90 Ontario St Lastsummer in Aug2014.I was wondering why I got bit by Mo

80 Cosburn Ave Stay away from this building. Careless management. Rules

October 19

75 Cosburn Ave Landlord, do something's to get rid of bedbugs! What a s

20 Gamble Ave I have lived here 5 years with my boyfriend on the 10th f

285 Shuter St I moved into a previously reported unit from this address

730 St Clarens I dont want to put self identifying dates and too many d

October 18

410 Brunswick Ave Spring 2009, one tenant reported bugs and paid for a

700 Ontario St We had a notice that the electrical outlets were being t

October 17

51 Saulter St I want to warn people for goodness sake although the bed

54 Maitland St Bed bugs still in the building. Don't move in! My gf and

38 Elm St The management sucks, and when we had an infestation, they ch

2360 Dundas St W BIG INFESTATION, in Louis' office.

260 Wellesley St E I have been waking up with red dots all over my body

3100 Dundas St W 3223 Dundas Street West, M6P 2A2 is infested with bedb

October 16

Neill-Wycik Backpackers Hotel This place was horrific! Please do not st

1078 College St Have bedbugs in an upstairs bedroom which are currently

111 Oxford St Bedbug infestations in three of the five rooms available

55 Sunny Glenway Bed bugs in this apartment 203. Even after lot of eff

October 15

103 W Lodge Ave I lived at 105, 10 years ago.Same thing.Roaches and ba

72 Gamble Ave We have discovered that our apartment is infested with be

[2 - 98] Boake St My daughter lives at 8 Boake Street, near York Univer

2630 Victoria Park Ave The Bed bugs have been in this property for more

October 14

400 Avenue Rd A friend of mine lives on the third floor of this buildin

10 Macey Ave Ha! what a building is this becoming now, a year ago we ca

1746 Queen St E Discovered bed bugs in the house the middle of June 201

100 Jameson Ave I ve cleaned the whole apartment so many times. We had

300 George St A neighbour has them

60 Pleasant Blvd 60 Pleasant Blvd is INFESTED with BEDBUGS. To make mat

October 13

50 Cambridge Ave if you do move here seal the space between the baseboa

3020 Keele St Our floor our unit and this entire building is infested w

730 St Clarens Ave Stay away! I thought by being very careful not to to

2460 Weston Rd For the last couple of years this high-rise battling bed

October 12

1143 Davenport Rd watch out there is bed bugs , dont rent this units

October 11

798 Richmond St W Been living here for around 1 month. As of now, I hav

2 Laxton Ave Oct 11/2014 This place is full of bed bugs. Owner Gordo

October 10

439 Sherbourne St This nursing home is not only INFESTED with mice, coc

375 Bleecker St Just find bedbugs in my apartmrnt.On the 21st floor.

58 Sherwood Ave This building has had bed bugs in the last several mont

280 Dundas St E I woke up this morning and was heading some noise and s

148 Islington Ave This seemed perfect at first. Great price, close to m

October 09

60 Tyndall Ave This place is infested with bedbugs, the whole street is

34 Carus Ave We lived at this house for over a year with no A/C or heat

5 Dufresne Crt We found bedbugs last August. It took the management age

October 08

2451 Queen St E This building had an alert, and pest control came to ch

77 Howard St I found a couple of bedbugs (3 of them) but none to the le

60 Tyndall Ave We have been living here for 2 years. Bed bug problems