Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

November 25

104 Pembroke Both of the above reports are fabrications from a single b

25 Dallner Rd November 22, 2015. Celebrated my newborn's one month b

138 Pears Ave The management in this building ignore the tenants and on

925 St Clair Ave W Also note- likely the bug have moved from the apartm

2 De Marco Blvd My apartment is eroded with bed bugs. it was treated by

2360 Dundas St W NOTE: The post "PM on 11/24/2015" (2 bellow this one)

80 Danforth Ave I live here since 2013. I am sandwiched between two apt

224 St George St I just moved in not too long ago with all new furnitur

November 24


1746 Queen St E Stay away unless you want your life ruined. No help was

50 Trudelle St It's 2015 now. I have lived on the second floor in this

November 23

63 Roehampton Ave I have been sprayed twice in the last couple of month

666 Spadina Ave We love this building. It is close to everything. We ha

33 Isabella St I have had no issues living here! Management has been on

100 Gowan Ave We are sorry to hear about your experience. We take our

190 Colin Ave This place has cockroaches!

31 Spencer Ave Stay away! Bed bugs and cockroaches that just won't go a

245 Dunn Ave Bed bugs...roaches...mice...drugs u name it we have it her

200 Balliol St I lived here for 4 and a half years. I had no complaints

November 22

10 Macey Ave Got to my new apartment on the rental date with a full tru

200 Roehampton Ave DON'T MOVE TO THIS SHIT HOLE. Apartment building ha

99 Dowling Ave My partner and I have lived in a renovated apartment her

33 Davisville Ave It seems to me that Capreit / Rpms property manage

73 Nassau Street Found a couple of bed bugs floating around. Appeared v

2466 Dundas St W There are currently multiple reports of infestations.

November 21

45 Dunfield Ave Emmanuel Hamilton aka Manny Hamilton of Hamilton, Ontar

25 Mabelle Ave Emmanuel Hamilton aka Manny Hamilton of Hamilton, Ontari

24 Mabelle Ave Emmanuel Hamilton aka Manny Hamilton of Hamilton, Ontari

100 Front St E Emmanuel Hamilton aka Manny Hamilton of Hamilton, Ontari

1501 Woodbine Ave We have a tenant that lives on the 17th floor that ha

100 Pembroke St This place is full I mean full of bedbugs. And that th

146 Jameson Ave I visited two buildings with prospects to rent on this

392 Sherbourne St I moved into this building in May 2015. I regretted m

736 Bay St Bed bugs spread in the building. I'm on the 24th floor and m

2 Spadina Rd I can confirm that the building is in fact infested with b

Quality Suites Toronto Airport We stayed at this hotel on November 17,

November 20

15 Martha Eaton Way We lived here in 2012 and yes they definitely have

1011 Lansdowne Ave Have been living in this unit Since the 1st of Octob

4205 Lawrence Ave E This place is absolute shit. I agree with the previ