Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

November 24

248 King Edward Ave November 2014 The basement was promptly checked by

November 23

5 Dufresne Ct bull shit bulding

November 21

701 Don Mills Rd I lived there in 2013 and it was by far one of the wor

16 St Joseph St Any new report on this address? Thank you!

666 Ontario St LOL! Seems to me like someone came in and cleaned up som

November 20

265 Balliol St Me and my partner have lived in this building for severa

Howard Johnson Inn Toronto Downtown West We were about to unpack and ge

41 Dundonald St STAY AWAY!! this building was alright until the older s

99 Dowling Ave Another tenant here from the first floor of this propert

November 19

70 Dunfield Ave Yes there are still a lot of bedbugs in this building.

223 Strathmore Blvd the bed and breakfast closed over 10 years ago at t

November 18

1765 Victoria Park Ave I moved in November 2014. Place full of Cockroac

2 Secord Ave Hi, We moved in on 2nd November here and found tens of bed

240 Cosburn Ave No bed bugs on my floor, but cockroaches and mice are i

35 Spencer Ave Went in to look at an apartment in this building and and

24 Thornton Ave Building has bed bugs.

November 17

200 Balliol St I am looking for an apartment on this building for early

160 Huron St Thinking of moving into this building. Haven't seen any po

100 Graydon Hall Dr 150 Graydon Hall Dr - Review It is an old buildi

81 Isabella St Thinking of moving into this building. I have read compl

546 Indian Grv This entire building is infested with cockroaches. No am

November 16

8 Broadway Ave Nov. 2014 I live at 8 Broadway Ave. I had some bites

330 Dundas St E well .. we haven't had a bed bug issue in this building

November 15

4030 Dufferin St Not sure of the exact date but My sisters mother in l

25 Picola Crt This rooming house is unmaintenained and overcrowded. You

1594 King St W Bed bugs. I have not seen any cockroaches but there are

November 14

30 Denton Ave I moved here December 1st 2013. On the day I moved in, I

90 Eastdale Ave Two months ago we got a notice that a unit nearby had b

November 13

295 Jarvis St Rented room for week at 210 dollars/wk. Have rideshare ne

3000 Dufferin St November 12, 2014 In September I asked the superint

1 Brimley Rd According to other tenants in this building it has been a

2 Regal Rd Lived in 2 Regal Rd from September 2013 to June 2014. By Dec

November 12

40 Alexander St Living here for 2 years now and no bed bugs at all (I k

45 Grenoble Dr I am live in this building is very dirty I tell every no

November 11

6 Forest Laneway Bed bugs were found in the unit I used to live, spraye

80 Mornelle Ct Currently infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. Stay c

77 Huntley St I found bedbug at my unit and I talked to my neighbor and

171 Erskine Ave I found a lot of bed bugs in my friends' apartment and

70 St Joseph St There is a bedbug problem in this residence building. I

November 10

384 Bathurst St Visited a friend who lived on the third floor bachelor

2360 Dundas St W I moved in on January 2008, saw a bug I had not ever s

33 Erskine Ave 2014, had to move out because of bedbugs. On top of that

November 09

260 Wellesley St E Many Bed bugs are in my apt on the second floor. Fo

545 Sherbourne St Bedbugs for a couple months now been sprayed twice

November 08

700 Ontario St This is an older high rise unit and is identical in appe