Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

December 15

190 York St For the past 3 years

261 Gates Ave, Apt 3b Bedbugs in multiple apartments in 2012, 2013, 201

Millenium Hilton Hotel We stayed here in August 2014. DO NOT STAY HERE!

December 14

1345 Bushwick Ave Hi, As I live within next few month, 3rd floor wa

75 W End Ave management confirmed there is currently an infestation on

230 Riverside Dr Bedbugs were in this apartment currently on the market

December 12

304 E 62nd St We first suspected them in the spring when our roommate w

3221 37th St Heavily infested building on 3 levels. Poorly taken care o

432 Bleecker St The report of bed bugs at 432 Bleecker St Apt 3R Brookl


December 11

Chelsea Inn Many bed bug bites when we stayed there in may. Told it via

215 Franklin St Bedbugs found in apartment 4L on 12/7/2014. Bugs in va

December 10

90 Bushwick Ave Bed Bugs on first floor in 2013-2014. Management NOT re

175 Irving Ave Beg Bugs in building 2014

Hampton Inn New York Chelsea I stayed at the Chelsea Hampton Inn from 9

December 09

546 W 50th St Stayed one night in this location. The building is just i

260 Seaman Ave This building is completely infested with bed bugs and h

229 E 24th St Throughout the month of September 2014 I noticed some sma

December 08

510 E 6th St, New York It started a month ago (November 3rd) out of blu

414 W 121st St There are some bedbugs in the apartment where I live in

217 Maujer St I moved in in May and found bed bug bites in July, and so

763 Eastern Pky As of the time I write this it has been six months with

300 10th St December, 2014 - Found bedbugs in my apt on the 5th floor o

December 07

1430 Bergen St Bedbugs seem to lessening the more times they come and a

December 05

269 Albany Ave After months of washing, vacuuming, having the extermina

December 04

Comfort Inn Brooklyn - Downtown Checked into room 208 on Dec 01, 2014.

805 St Marks Ave (C Building) Found a few budbugs on my wall. Brought a

1722 Himrod St The tenants below my apartment explained that their part

December 03

229 E 53rd St Foind bedbug in apt

December 02

Hilton New York My husband and I stayed at the Hilton Midtown, Room 355

292 St Johns Pl 12/2/14 bed bugs found in bedroom only. building respon

Paramount Hotel 11.30.14 - 12.2.14 About 70 Bug bites from night of

613 E 16th St I have lived in the building since 2010...There was a tre

December 01

1107 Lenox Rd Bed bugs found on Dec 1st after children being woken up b


1268 Pacific St bedbugs here! untreated and building is infested.

November 29

1335 Avenue Of The Americas We stayed the week before Christmas 2013,

The London NYC I stayed at The london (room 3701) in early November 201

1717 Carroll St I found a bedbug crawling on the wall connected to the

November 27

432 Suydam St Bedbugs found in apartment. Not sure about other units i

November 26

515 E 14th St I noticed spots on brand new white sheets I recently put

2299 E 13th St I live in this building and there are bedbugs all around

November 25

42 Diamond St My boyfriend and I moved into 42-44 Diamond St last April

44 Diamond St My boyfriend and I moved into 42-44 Diamond St last April

190 E 7th St Found a bug on a mattress.

November 24

1054 Broadway Used to live on 1st floor. The landlord never gave a f$&k

18 W Houston St I went to the Angelika theater mid-September and came o

November 23

1723 E 15th St Bedbugs and other vermin present. Super of building noti