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I hope the roaches eat the bedbugs. I don't know which is worse. The management seems to feel this isn't a big enough issue to actually fix this. They just pass blame and don't acknowledge the problem watch out for a full blown infestation at this property!!!!

Lincoln Crest Apartments

Started seeing bites on my arms, and asked the management to send the pest guys to look for spiders, bed bugs, any kind of biting critter that would cause the bits I was seeing.

Their first visit - they didn't find any insects and sprayed for ants as a precaution.

Their second visit - they still didn't find any insectsand once again, sprayed for ants as a precaution.

I asked them to send someone again to look for bed bugs (it's been about 2 months dealing wit

h the itchy mess at this point) and didn't hear back if they came or not. They may have, but no note was left, so I don't know.

In the meantime, the office is telling me that I don't have bugs of any kind .. and that the bites can't be bites, that they must be something else.

I went to flip my mattresses on Friday 7/30/10, after work as I started cleaning, and found quite the bunch of bugs sitting happy as you please in the seams of my box spring. So much gross! I immediately called the office, who said that they couldn't get anyone out until Monday.

So - can't sleep in buggy bed - can't sleep on the couch or the bugs will migrate .. I am forced to leave my apartment for a total of 3 nights at this point. I Took every scrap of fabric that isn't permanently affixed to something with me in sealed plastic bags to be washed.

The exterminator from WilKil shows up (very nice man), flips my mattresses, sprays some chemical around my bedroom and the rest of my house, and wraps my mattresses in bed-bug proof covers. That's it. He didn't vaccuum up anything (didn't have a vaccuum with him or ask for mine to use), he didn't flip my nightstands over to check for eggs or other infestation. He just sprayed the heck out of my living space and told me they'd be back in 2 weeks. I couldn't spend the night in my apartment again because I'm so freaked out, so now I'm 4 nights outside my apartment.

I'm currently tearing apart everything in my apartment to clean it, and remove every trace of bug I can find. Hopefully, when they send the guy back in 2 weeks, the infestation will be gone.

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