1950 26th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98199-4100

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This is the address of 21 unit, 4 story apt. building under the property name: Magnolia Arms Apts. in Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

I started waking up with bites -- in rows, on arms and shoulders and face and neck. in June. They last a week and are extremely itchy, inflamed and extremely annoying!! Plus the mental health effects..the anguish of not being able to FIND them, but to know that something is sucking your blood on your face and neck while you sleep is ..well, Distrurbing and h

as contributed to loss of sleep.

I called Paratex..they gave me a CO2 emitter/bed bug detector that I used for a weekend, and we found nothing. I also stopped getting bites after I got rid of my couch. I was thinking they were gone.

But then after a couple of weeks of no bites, I wake up with more.
Then, the tenants in apt. directly below mine move out and complain of bed bugs. The inspector with a bed bug sniffing dog comes and finds a small infestation there. They came in my apt. last week and , although likely very few bugs, the dog did smell/find them in my boxspring/mattress!

Needless to say I'm moving by Aug. 31st. Do NOT rent from Foundation Group.com as the REs. manager told me they have infestations in multiple buildings around Seattle.

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