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Come by between 12am and 5pm Monday through Friday and dial the manager's number on the call box.

This is probably odd but I'm actually trying to get the number to this building (manager of the building)because I'm looking for a place to live for a couple months. could anyone help me out? thanks.

I have been informed of the situation and all adjacent units and attached hallways will be treated this afternoon.

Follow up treatments will occur weekly until the issue has been resolved.

I am just waking now from bites. I found the bug which appears to be the second to last stage on the life cycle. This is the second time in the past few months in which I have been bitten, and will be reporting to the manager as soon office hours are here (in another 6 hours.)

The unit directly adjacent to me houses a person who may or may not have greivous cognitive or social development issues and has been living here for over twenty years. He is a hoarder, dumpster dives, and has not been

properly informing his neighbors nor the manager of his infestation and oft has disused furniture or electronics placed in the hallway to await the unsuspecting neighbor to scoop up on their way to their unit.

I'm sure we all know who the guy is, the one that leaves his door open to share the wafts of burning meat or roll-yourself cigarettes, and makes every effort to greet you as you're walking down the hall (even if this means swinging his door open as you're quite quietly walking past his unit at 2am.) I'm sure he means well, but is indeed quite creepy.

His answer to the bug problem in the unit is to purchase a handheld steamer and not mention it to anyone, lest it be in casual conversation after he offers you things that are in the hallway (or invites you into his apartment.) I have discussed with him that this is not the proper way to address his issues. I'm not exactly sure how effective that was.

Three days ago he caught me on the stairs outside having lunch and said that he has been regularly finding bedbugs and his most recent finding revealed five bugs in one sitting.

Otherwise, things seem to be looking up. I haven't heard from others any sort of complaint aside from the usual comments of the buildings across the street. Our previous manager, as the posts below reflect, allowed the building to become heavily infested. The current manager has really had to pick up some slack both in the way of infestations as well as general upkeep and getting junk units emptied and turned into liveable units, and has given a better reputation of the building. I'm glad I stuck it out and am seeing things change for the better in my building. On the whole, the other tenants are quite ok. There is a lot of gossip that goes on, but thats what happens when pretty much the whole building hangs out in someone else's place. I'd compare this place to a college dorm. Either you like it or you don't. I do.

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This place is infested with the gossip monsters! No joke!

The skeevie ones got ousted when the previously mentioned bitter ex-girlfriend called the city and had the whole crazy mess brought to a third party. Imagine an episode of hoarders let loose inside a charmingly eclectic building built in the 1920's. Including whispered tales of dead animals in freezers and impromptu aviaries. Wow man, Just...wow.

Thank Heaven for bitter bitches!

For the record, I actually really like the neig

hbors, despite the gossip mill. They're what makes this places tolerable. That, and the new manager that does a really good job cleaning up the epic amount of...gross that the last manager had allowed to happen.

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May 24th 2012:

The building has been treated professionally. All problem units have been fixed and we are currently bug-free.
There have been no reports of bug issues for several months.

To Anonymous on 01/12/2012:

This is the bed Bug registry, not your personal springboard for griping about your obnoxious neighbors.

Did you actually tell the management about your issue or are you just passive-aggressively bitching about it online? The previous post suggests that they'd be willing to assist you if they knew about it.

The new management for this property (Took over in April) has been diligent in their attempts to eradicate the bed bug problem. Professionals have been coming in to spray for the last few months, most of the units that were filled with garbage from the previous manager have been emptied, derelict units have been stripped, cleaned and re-carpeted, a high end steamer was purchased and is used regularly and she keeps a stock of D.E. and bed bug related pesticides on hand.
Of the 10-15 units wh

o have had consistent issues, only 2 seem to still have problems and they are being treated professionally until the issue is resolved.

On a side note: The new manager has also been assisting tenants with treatment preparation, disposal of infected materials and inspects new (used) furniture when she catches it coming into the building, but she cannot police people’s actions beyond their front doors. A major issue with infestations in apartment buildings is complacency and a lack of proper follow-up after treatment (by either the manager or the tenants).

That being said: The problem used to be pretty bad. Now it has been knocked back to a manageable level and will (hopefully) be completely resolved by summer.

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Still infested as of 1/2012. This building is infested, and not just with bedbugs. Horrid fellow tenants, theatric ex-girlfriends (7/3/11 used to date the former manager and was bitter to the point she married someone else and moved him in).

Even if you're not getting bit, the people in this building will annoy the hell out of you. Pay an extra $100 to live somewhere else where your sanity will be more intact.

for 24 and 25 January:

Hallways were treated Monday, 24 January, 2011. Affected apartments were treated Tuesday, 25 January, 2011.

Areas treated were by spray (unknown) and a dusting of diatomaceous earth. Residents were advised to be away for a period of time, to have clutter cleared, all cloth items (including bedding) to be in loosely tied plastic garbage bags.

Following the included instructions in the letter from the landlord and manager, additional precautions for future invasion

s are being observed.

When reading of this neighbor, [1/23/2011,] I heard there was a similar previous infestation... a resident not wanting fess up about picking up discarded furniture with an infestation (a couch, which was placed in the hallway for two weeks when it was found to be infested... or so the rumor mill had wove.)

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This wouldn't have happened AGAIN if people would go to the apartment manager with problems instead of being passive-aggressive and petty, but it has. Thanks a lot for inconveniencing your neighbors!

I've lived in this building for some years and generally keep to myself, but the bed bugs have been a constant issue, among many others. They're just now starting to do something about it, but it hasn't worked in the past. As far as I know, every floor has been complaining for a long time.

Found a bug early this morning crawling on me as I played video games, captured it, and reported to the manager. No bites yet, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

As of Jan, 2011, this building is again being selectively treated for bedbugs. The building manager has also assured the tenants that the treatment will eradicate the cockroaches that keep crawling out of the walls despite precautionary measures and a sanitary lifestyle.

To the first commenter: This is the bedbug registry, not the cockroach registry. The 2-3 apartments that do have roach problems are due to tenants not knowing how to wash their dishes or take out their trash.

Hearsay and gossip aside, there were a few units on the 3rd floor that were treated late January-early February 2010. Everything was taken out of those apartments and sprayed down at a warehouse while the empty apartments were heatsealed and sprayed down as well.

There was a second

round done about a month later as a girl down the hall on the 3rd floor that had them and decided to share them with her then-boyfriend on the 2nd floor, and the same decon procedures were used.

The return of them had nothing to do with the company (who was extremely thorough, perhaps to a fault); there were, however, a few residents who saw they guy in 301 packing up some of his stuff in a friend's car and have a bunch of his buddies over for a party the night before the spray-down. He hasn't said a thing on whether or not he still has an issue with them, but it'd probably be best to avoid him/his apartment.

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It has been circulating in the building that a couple of third floor residents have had the issue. Also that at one time they were on the second floor. The bugs were discovered last winter of 09 and 10. The recent word is that one occupant still has them on the third floor.

The building is an apartment complex built in 1904 or there about. The rooms were treated but not the whole building. The building is also infested with cockroaches which may or may not mean that few steps were take into e

radicating any sort of pest population.

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