1705 Summit Ave
Seattle, WA 98122-2131

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Was getting bitten for week, but my partner wasn't, so I wrote it off to a weird allergy. Finally figured out bedbugs, and they were everywhere in our bed frame (wooden), and couch.

Management acted quickly (thankfully), and dusted the place. We destroyed our bed frame and got sticky pads for the legs of the couch and chair, after meticulously vacuuming them. Used the dry ice trap/monitor to check how our efforts were going, and only caught babies. Laundered everything, and threw out tons of

stuff (double hefty bagged). Put the mattress in a bed bug bag. Duct taped the (mostly empty) bedroom shut for two weeks, then vacuumed everywhere.

Fortunately, all of those efforts took care of it, and we were there for another year without any additional incidents. Ugh.

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