5021 Brooklyn Ave Ne
Seattle, WA 98105-4323

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An apartment building, floor 2. We moved in 12 days ago, and started getting bites the second night we were there. Initially thought it was an allergic reaction, but decided it might be bed bugs a couple of days later. Alerted the landlord of our suspicion, and advised them that we were searching for proof. Found proof a few days later.

The landlord responded fairly swiftly (the day after hearing our suspicion), but it took a few days to get an exterminator in, mostly due to the Labor day we

ekend. The exterminator (United pest control) came through to inspect the apartment and prepare a quote for the landlord. He left us with interceptors and some good advice.

We're now expecting them to come through and treat the apartment sometime next week, which will additionally involve treating a lot of our stuff. We're planning to go away for a few days while this happens.

Fairly pleased with landlord's response, though would have preferred they checked for bugs in advance. Pleased to note that in response to this incident, they are taking responsible steps by having exterminators inspect vacant apartments. Not sure whether other tenants have been informed, however.

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