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We moved into Unit no 1-302 on Dec 20th . The very next day we found multiple bedbugs in the unit .We reported along with some samples which we caught to the management. She agreed to call for pest control . However the pest control guy reported that bedbugs cannot be treated at one go they require multiple treatments.

Our brand new memory foam mattress is already spoiled and we are also worried about stuff which might be infected .

We asked management that we will opt for move out as we d

on't to stay rest of our stay with pesticides and bedbug crawling.
Management who ideally should be apologizing for putting us in this situation are asking lease breakage fees.
I have decided to take legal help as i am not willing to pay even a single penny to this money suckers.

My only fault was we didn't new about this site hence never read reviews here.

Stay away from this building!!

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December 2012..
Infestation Tower 1 .. GROSS!!! Get me out of here.

I've been receiving bed bug treatment FOR FIVE MONTHS NOW. Every two weeks! F this place!

I have lived in tower 1 for over a year now, we just signed a new lease and with the new lease came another bedbug infestation. We have had Eden Advanced Pest Management in our apartment 4 times for treatment all in one year. We were just treated again today (9/26/12) which would be the third time Eden has "treated" our apartment in less than thirty days with little to no results. We've had to dispose of all of our furniture including beds, couches and even paintings. We pay so much in rent yet

we sleep on our floor? I am not happy. Being treated is like being a prisoner in your own home. Everything is packed, everything has to be washed every time and everything has to be in the center of the room. The first time we were treated the whole apartment wreaked of chemicals and we were told the living room was fine and the couches didn't need to be treated. Little did we know, they missed some. A few months later while sleeping on the couch, I woke up to a bedbug crawling on me. I then lifted the cushion to find at least 15 dispersing. I am at my wits end with this. I don't know what else to do. I feel trapped in this place.

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OT8 management is currenty having Eden Pest control inspect Tower 1 units with canines today and tomorrow, 4/16-17. I will assume (and hope) Tower 2 is next. There is clearly an infestation problem in these buildings which management needs to address, get under control and pay for. Not the tenants. I have lived here awhile and never had any sort of insect in my place until December 2010 when we were first checked as my floor got them one by one as they hopped to each neighboring apartments. My n

eighbor alerted me and had to have 3 heat treatments and said he found them coming through the electrical socket in his bedroom. Now I read from another post here they are entering via the phone jacks, so that makes sense as they travel the building in the conduits to get from floor to floor. Luckily I have never seen more than a couple.

I have not seen any in my bedroom for months now but have had to be very diligent and do my research. Both mattress and box spring are in covers which are pretty pricy, but necessary. All legs of the bed have the traps under them. What I feel was the best solution was spreading the DE powder along the baseboards in the bedroom as well as the bedframe in which the box spring sits in. Vacuum often, don't leave anything under the bed and inspect the mattresses everytime you clean your linens which I hope is often too. I thought I nipped it in the bud until I overheard the inspectors in my hall today commenting on how nasty and infested some of my neighbors apartments were and that the critters were traveling by floor in the conduits in the walls. Probably should block the threshold under my front door too. Looks like we all have to brace ourselves for the invasion and the hassle of treatments.

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Just found bed begs all along the walls of Tower 2, Floor 6. Will talk to management to see what happens...

Amendment to the previous post. The management has taken a proactive approach to the problem in this building and are now inspecting adjoining units to ones that have been treated. They are not charging tenants for the inspection or treatment and the PCO is sealing the entry points in the process. This is great news. If you have any suspicion, call management and they will help.

Major infestation in the walls of Tower 2. They are nesting in the walls and using the communication pillars to move between floors and from apartment to apartment. If you have a phone/DSL jack, remove the circuit box from the wall and seal the holes in the wall. After sealing this we were finally able to regain control of the problem. We've taped the holes with clear packing tape and reinforced with duct tape so we have a window into the hole. There are many bugs travelling along the wires t

hat we see on a daily basis through the hole. Once you've sealed your entry points, bedbug interceptors and Diatamaceous Earth should get the problem under control. We also tossed our bed, couch, chairs, and any clutter. Because of the infestation being in the walls, PCO treatments have no lasting effect unless you block the holes. Do not go to management, they will blame you for the problem and force you to pay for extermination.

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i have had bed bugs on the 9th floor of tower two. they exterminated once, but that is typically not enough. i've learned that two other apts on the 9th floor have bed bugs. i just signed a lease sept 5th for this appartment and they are not willing to refund me or let me out of my lease. So i'm in an horrible position in that I can stay and leave my things in plastic bags for several months and not have friends over as most of them refuse to come at this point or i can toss everything i own

in the trash and break my lease. Either way, i'm loosing. I paid almost 3,000 to move into this apt on September 5th and still have yet to actually live life there. This weekend I did endless amounts of laundry and cleaning and i'm isolated from friends and family. I've rescheduled to meet outside of the apt as it has been recommended by my research on bed bugs. It is very unlikely to rid yourselves of them in 1 treatment. In addition to this, it has been incredibly difficult to sleep from being paranoid, etc. I don't know what to do...

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tower one found bed bugs in my apt will call to have treatment done... ugg...

This is a follow-up to my post submitted on 01/05/2011 regarding bed bugs in our apartment on the 8th floor in Tower II.

The new management that is now in place at OT8 has been very responsive to this issue. They had an exterminator here the following week after the inspection, as promised, to do a heat treatment. They supplied us with climb up traps for the bed and bed bug covers for our mattress and box spring. We were diligent about vacuuming daily and checking traps and bedding. After

the heat treat we found several very small ones in the traps. We informed management who, once again, responded promptly and had the pest control company back in our apartment the following week for a chemical treatment.

We are happy to report that we have been checking daily and have not found a single bug in the traps this past week. This is a very positive sign as we found the small ones after the heat treat within a couple of days after the treatment.

We want to commend the new management here at OT8 for being so responsive and extremely courteous and helpful in resolving this problem.

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We were just notified we had bedbugs in our apartment on the 8th floor in Tower II.

We were away and were informed via a phone call that an inspection had taken place and showed a "yellow alert" which apparently means they found no physical evidence but would be back to do another inspection due to the alert. We were informed on, 1/4/10, that our apartment tested positive. They assured us today, 1/5/10, that immediate action will be taken and they are coming back to heat treat the entire ap

artment which is supposed to kill them.

We did not realize we had them as we did not have any problems with being bitten and only found one small bug in the bed quite some time ago. We striped the bed and searched it all over for any evidence and found nothing.

We are remaining hopeful that they will respond immediately and will update this accordingly.

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We moved out because of bedbugs (lived in 1-511) and the completely unhelpful management. They wouldn't check or even inform the apartments next to us after we brought down a bag with 5 or 6 live bugs for them. They pretended like it was our fault and made us pay for extermination. We had 5 treatments and the bugs still weren't gone. We left near the end of 2009. We stopped renting all together because of the horrible experience here. Don't move in if you're thinking about it.

Tower 1 also has them. :( I just found out today that my unit has them....not cool! Not cool at all!

Management knew about the issue..they are not telling ANYONE. However they were very helpful in starting the process of cleaning and extermination.

Hoping for the best.

If you've found bugs in your apartment you should contact management who will pay for a heat treatment for you, although FYI I had a heat treatment, as well as a chemical treatment on my floors AND a bed bug sniffing dog (which did not "find" any bugs in my place) although when I was moving out I found a bed bug (alive) on one of my things, so clearly the problem is not fixed....

I also found out yesterday my apartment in tower two has bed bugs. Is anything going to be taken care of with this situation?

Found out my apartment in Tower Two has bed bugs and the apartment community was aware of the issue but didn't inform residents

Bedbugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DE didnt help solve this problem. Keep coming back!!

Moved into an apartment with bed bugs already here. I suspect they are all over this building already.

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