85 Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101-2024

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They say those bugs are all over the hallways and are crawling through the electrical sockets and under the door. A haz-mat suit is required clothing for this place.

This place is being overrun by bedbugs.
85 pike street is the Lasalle apartment complex for seniors or the disabled.

I got a case of bedbugs, after a bunch of people got em on my floor. When I got them to treat it, (which was two weeks after I was being bitten to hell and back) the pest control company must have screwed up, as there was very little difference after the treatment. Upon complaint, I was told that it was my fault, even though others have reported that their pest control is inc


If you love your relatives or are thinking about moving here, do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from this place. If you get a infestation (as many tenants in this building do) you can be sure that you'll be sucked dry by bedbugs before anyone will care. STAY AWAY!!!

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this place has been treated but the bugs are still in this building, beleive that. the bug people are not doing the right job. it isnt working.

I was moved into that apartment they were treating since September 2010 on report previous in February 2011. The pest control company was not effective that is why the many cases and growing. Some people have stopped telling if they are infested because of the trouble without results. I eradicated my unit myself in one try--everything was still packed. They could not since the September start--they stopped coming in April--I engaged self-help and wiped them out in May. Have not been bite si

nce--but they are still in the building. The lady across the hall has them and will not report it--one of many.

see full report...

bed bug in my apt and they aint going away.

more bed bugs found. 10 cases all floors

update as of sept 23 8 cases now. they are trying to control it.

5 cases of bed bugs. in pikes place market. la salle buiding.

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