3107 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2934

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We stayed here on 12/27/12. We found bedbugs crawling on the sheets. We immediately trapped it and packed up to leave. We were comped for the two night stay. Don't stay here.

I want to preface this by saying this Hotel was very nice, clean and the management was courteous and professional. There were six of us staying in two rooms. We came to the area to have some respite and do look at colleges.
We stayed in late April. We were in rooms 814 and 816 (North) for two nights. We thought we had a good rate. the only problem is that we brought their bed bugs home with us. So our enjoyable stay (and good service) was rather expensive in the long run. We spent today out of

house while the exterminator (who have one whole division treating nothing but bedbugs) killed the bugs with extreme heat, steaming etc. Cost $1000.

Our teenager stayed in Room 816 with her cousin. Although we instructed her to keep everything off the floor and the bed, she did not.
The company (that eradicated our infestation) told us he could tell by the size and stages of the bugs we found, and the timeline, and level of infestation (small) that he was sure we got them from our Hotel Stay. The infestation was limited only to our daughter's bedroom. We were very lucky that we caught this early or the $1000 it cost us could have been much higher.

We cannot prove definitively that the infestation came from our hotel stay but the expert working with us says he is positive that is the case.
I also realize that hotels have this issue with pandemic proportions. I would like to know what Hampton Inn is doing prophylactically to deal with this problem?
I will be smarter next time. Don't stay in a room and don't bring your bags inside until you have inspected the beds, behind the headboard (particularly around the screws in the headboard). The other thing recommended by the experts is to flip up the box springs because that is where they like to hide. Check all areas for black dots (fecal material) blood spots etc. Look at pictures on YouTube and other places that describe and show photos of the eggs. Take a flashlight with you and examine the mattress creases too. As a precaution never put any of your clothes in drawers or on the bed - luggage too.
I called and left a message today with the manager on his voicemail. We'll see how much Hampton Inn appreciates it's Hilton Honnors members. At the very least I would expect an apology and return call - we shall see.

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Hampton Inn Oceanfront north - 3 bedbugs bit my arm in room 508 on 2/14/11. We caught two and killed the third. Our room was comped and we were moved to the Hampton Inn South at 4am for a fresh hotel and clean room. Kept all our luggage in the new rooms bathroom to avoid contaminating it.