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I woke about 4:30 and felt an itch on my shoulder, actually the back of my upper arm. When I scratched it I noticed a little blood on my finger tips. Then I noticed a spot on the blanket and when I picked it up, I accidently squished it. It was a good amount of blood, like that of a tick I've pulled off my dog. I turned on the light and I immediately began looking, but saw nothing to indicate an infestation. This happened last night or early this morning, April 21, 2012. My wife says there a

re 3 little bite marks on the back of my arm. I put our couple bags up off the floor and told the front desk lady. She was surprised as this has never happened here before. It may have been brought into this room by a previous traveler. Since we came from home last night and have never experienced bed bugs at home, I can assure you this critter wasn't brought here by me.

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