101 Stratford Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185-2002

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I was a resident at 205-D Stratford Rd. in the Stratford at Williamsburg Apartments. I started noticing signs of a bedbug infestation in February of 2010, when I started getting bites. I alerted management right away and was told on several occasions that exterminators were going in finding nothing. Finally at the beginning of April I could not take the number of bites I was getting and started staying with a relative continuing to alert management. When I felt that not enough was done, I as

ked to be let out of my lease,which finally happened, but prior to me moving I did actually find two bedbugs on my mattress, again alerting management who was supposed to send someone in again and did not and failed to treat the apartment. I did move out May 1, but was charged for a couple days rent and utilities; therefore not getting my full deposit back. This I feel was very inappropriate customer service and would not recommend this place to anyone.

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