600 E 53rd St
Austin, TX 78751-1302

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I first had bed bugs here about a year ago, and again, management seemed unconcerned. They sent their very unreliable pest control contractor around who said I had to take every thing I owned and leave it out in the sun for a day and he would "spray" for them. I told them this was unacceptable and that I would go to the city health department. No reaction. I got no where with the city bureaucracy so I went to the Tenants Association, who were much more helpful, but still could only give me

a form to break my lease. Armed with this, management agreed to move me to a different unit in a different building. I was extremely thorough with cleaning, washing, drying, and all the other recommended steps, and in addition I replaced all my furniture. Less than a year later, I was still itching, but couldn't find any bugs. I convinced myself I was just paranoid. Today, 5/7/2012, however, I found one on me, and then discovered many more on and around the mattress, as well as on the living room couch.

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The Elms Apartments has a bed bug infestation. Management ignores the issue. I had to make a complaint with the city of Austin. A city inspector came out and examined my complaint and he reported the infestation to the apartment management. Management is now being forced to treat the Bed bug infestation. A lot of my neighbors also have bed bugs but they are reluctant to come forward in fear of getting evicted. Management is very upset with me for taking action. I don't understand why management

would want to ignore this matter.

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