1800 El Paseo St
Houston, TX 77054-3020

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October 2010-?
Parque View Apartments

It is currently January 2011 and I'm still battling the bed bugs. I moved into this apartment June 2010 and started noticing bites in October 2010. I have found multiple nymph baby bed bugs and have been using a Night Watch bed bug trap to monitor and trap them. I have yet to find an adult bed bug. My fiancee and I have caught at least 5 bed bugs of various life cycles but have not reached adult stages. Beware of this apartment complex. I have neve

r had bed bugs before I moved here. Pest control did come out and treat it but I still have them.

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Bed bugs were found in my apt and another persons apt in two seperate buidlings. They are hard to get rid of and I now have them. If I know of at least 2 apts in a complex that have it and I'm a new resident, I'm sure many have them and I just have not heard of it. Save yourself time, money and many visits and phone calls with the leasing office and pay a bit more and move somewhere else.

Moved in to Parque View Apartments on August 22nd, 2008, to an apartment horribly infested with bedbugs (and roaches). I soon learned that all of the people living in the same building are dealing with pest problems.

The exterminator (manager of the team) reported to me that he already treated a couple of other buildings in the same complex, but some tenants are not cooperative, so the problem is coming back. It is really a big case of bedbug infestation.