5014 San Jacinto St
Dallas, TX 75206-7713

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I have written a letter to the managment of these apartments in stateing I had a bed bug and cockroach infestation but the main problem was bed bugs. The property manager told me I couldnt have a bed bug problem because she heard I didnt have a bed I sleep on the floor with blankets. I told her that was true but still does not mean anything I have a bed bug infestation as I did provide her with a container of a dozen bed bugs to show the exterminator. Then she replied my dog had brought the bed

bug infestation to the building and when am I going to get rid of my dog' I told her dogs do not carry bed bugs and I gave her a $300.00 pet deposit and have a written contract allowing my dog to stay. I then informed her I had talked to other neighbors and showed them the container before giving it to her of the bed bugs asking if they had these bugs also. Everyone I talked to said they had the same bugs. I then told her I have had no sleep in a week every time I go to sleep these bugs come of the night and attack me and bite me. I asked her please to have an exterminator on the property to remove these pest. She replied bed bug extermination was very expensive and she would not be doing anything about it! I then told her I have paid my rent on time every month have given her a deposit for the apartment and $300.00 pet deposit it was only fair she provided an exterminator and it was inhuman to live like this. She said it was not her responsibility. I told her I would not be paying my rent the next month and we will go to court and I will tell the judge why I havent paid. Tommorow the rent is due and this happened 2 weeks ago. I have pictures and another container of the bed bugs and pictures of my bites and a copy of the written letter I sent her. I am following up tomorrow with a list of signatures from other tenents who have the bugs too. I would like to add I dropped off the letter and container with the bugs 4 days prior to meeting up with her and left them with her assistant on friday August 20th. The next day I went to her office and heard her in the back room as I entered. The assistant told me she wouldnt be in that day. Sunday they were closed. Monday morning before leaving for work I went to the office and the assistant was there. I heard someone in the back room and the lady told me she wouldnt be in till sometime in the afternoon. The next day I waited till about 9:30 and did catch her outside in front of the office. I feel like she was avoiding me as much as possible and the issue as it was obvious in her denial of the problem and blame on my dog when all the while she had the letter I written and container with the blood sucking biteing creatures. I wouldnt recommend living in these apartments to anyone! Its been a total nightmare!

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