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This is a false report. It is almost a year old, but I just found this report when I Googled my cabin name. I am the owner of this cabin- Lisa Faust. My name and the cabin’s VRBO listing number and address are the only accurate parts of this report.
This person never stayed at either of our cabins. The person who made this report was a poster on the Trip Advisor travel forum. For various reasons that I’m not going to get into, she was banned from Trip Advisor. Her last post on Trip A

dvisor is on March 7, 2011 and both of my cabins had a bed bug report posted on this site on March 8, 2011. (see the report on 2039 Ridgecrest Loop Lane for her other false report for our other cabin)
I have never spoken with this person on the phone or sent her private messages asking her to look at our cabins and all of the claims made in this report are an attempt to discredit my reputation as an owner and the success of my cabin rentals. I have contacted the owner of this site with several emails in the past week or so offering affidavits from the guests of this cabin during the month of January or any other month preceding or following this falsified incident to prove there are no problems with bed bugs or the other claims. As of now, I still haven’t heard back from the owner of this site, so I decided to post this explanation before any more damage is done.
Unfortunately, the owner of this site does not require the poster to provide any type of proof that she stayed at the location of the report. Any person can post a false claim without any fear of reprisal. For guests who have stayed at this cabin, they know that much of the description is incorrect. The cabin isn’t way back in the woods- the poster thought that based on the photos she saw on our website and VRBO listing. If you read our guestbook comments, you will see that we don’t have a single guest who has ever said that we were rude or dishonest in any way.
Please notice that the poster makes sure she names me and my husband and mentions each of our cabins along with their VRBO listing numbers in hopes to create more damage. She goes above and beyond simply reporting bed bugs and includes attacks on my responsiveness as an owner as well as making sure she mentions as many things wrong with each cabin as possible.
I am waiting to hear from the owner of this site. I believe she will find a bogus email address when she attempts to contact this anonymous poster. In the meantime, the post has been here for almost a year damaging my reputation (which is the purpose of the post). It’s really sad that someone can hide behind a computer screen and be so vicious.

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