215 Woliss Ln
Gatlinburg, TN 37738-3527

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My family and I stayed at this property (Baskins Creek Condominiums, 215 Woliss Ln, Gatlinburg, TN)during the July 4th holiday (July 2nd - July 5th). The first night, my daughter found a bug in her bed (the room with 2 queen beds), which was hard to kill. I dismissed it as a tick and we flushed it down the toilet. The very next morning when I was making up the other queen bed, there were blood spots at the top of one of the sheets. My son had no scratches or sores, so we couldn't figure tha

t one out. Then that night, I found the same type of bug in my bed (the king bed) and also flushed it down the toilet, thinking it was still another tick. We were all itching like crazy, but we figured we had been bitten by mosquitos while we were outside. When I got back home I researched the bug on the internet and saw from the picture that it was indeed a bedbug. I even found the explanation for the blood on the sheet. It stated that if you happen to roll over on a bedbug that has just "eaten" then you will find blood spots on your bedding. So, there were bugs in all 3 beds. I emailed the owner of the property to complain, but so far they haven't responded to me personally.

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