711 Union St
Nashville, TN 37219-1707

Found 2 reports:

i stayed here on 10/05/10 for 2 nights. We actually saw the bugs and felt them many different times. I talked with the hotel manager and even had him come up to our room but he disagreed with us and said we didn't know what we were talking about. I showed him a picture of a bed bug on my iphone and then showed him the dead ones we had killed and he still disagreed. At what point do you just take ownership of what is happening. THERE ARE BUGS IN THESE BEDS AND ROOMS. DO NOT STAY HERE!. TERRIBLE.

Stayed 3 nights (10/8-10/10) at Best Western Downtown Convention Center Hotel, room 201. Did not notice anything at first; after 2nd night noticed a trail of blood (small) on sheets, but thought I might have scratched myself in some way. By the time we headed home, my wife had bumps and itching. I had bites also, but not as strong a reaction...she was miserable for days, and sure that we must still have them. I spent the weekend cleaning, checking, spraying, but fortunately it appears we brought

home the bites but not the bugs.

I wrote to hotel management on the 15th, thinking that at least they should be aware of the situation, but have not gotten a reply. I plan now to write to Best Western corporate; don't know if they own or manage this location, but their customer service must be better than no answer in nearly 3 weeks!

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