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About 5 days ago (today is 5/30/2011) I woke up from sleeping in my bed upstairs with about 50 bed bug bites. Then, 2 days ago, I woke up from sleeping downstairs in the used LazyBoy-type chair I found by the dumpster about 5 days ago with about 200 bed bug bites! I don't know for sure if I got bitten first the day before, on, or after the chair. I keep thinking I was bitten BEFORE I got the chair. Today, I threw out the chair, as well as my entire bed (I will have to sleep on the floor for now

- SCARY!) but am afraid the bed bugs have moved into my walls. I guess I will know over the next few days, if I keep getting bitten. I plan to call the Cheatham Place Apartment main office (where I live) tomorrow at (615) 252-3691 and ask them to help me get rid of the bed bugs as soon as possible.

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