10 Anderson Cres
Saskatoon, SK S7H

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just recently we found bedbugs in our apartment . it is not only disturbing it is completely traumatic . when you leave your bed, turn on the lights and find them, you will be affected tremendously ! we have lost anything that we felt comfort in [BED,COUCH ETC:] now it feels that we cannot get back to the way we felt in our home, before this happened . we advise everyone in this city to be very,very aware that these bedbugs are very much real and it seems that this city is ignoring the situa

tion .

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I had a TV repaired last year by a guy in a basement suite there. After bringing the TV back home from what I would consider a very dirty apartment, we ended up with bedbugs. They found a bunch of them inside the panel of the tv and we suspect this is where they came from.

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