2915 14th Ave
Regina, SK S4T

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We have had bed bugs since Aug.2011.. The landlord has came and sprayed himself and the exterminator came once about 2 weeks ago however me and my partner are still getting more bites. The exterminator is coming again however we havent found a physical bug yet! It is very frustruating as I get woken up in the middle of the night most nights and have embarassing bites all over my body but since we cant find any bugs I feel like we arent being taken seriously. Our previous neighbor had a VERY ba

d case and had so for about 2 years. He has finally moved.

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It's a lovely building, between the asbestoes, bed-bugs and broken boiler - I can hardly wait to get out of this building.

Wonder just How Much the Rents will be Jacked up on Residents...Happens all the Time.

An update: I submitted the first report here. The landlord is actually taking this really seriously. He has hired an exterminator, who appears fairly knowledgeable about bed bugs (Riess exterminators Ltd, Regina, SK).

The landlord is planning on spraying fully half of the building (the infestation is limited to the east wing). He's even spraying a couple units on the edge of the infestation that have not reported anything to prevent the spread.

In short, I have no idea how this wi

ll turn out say 1 year from now, but right now it looks like this problem is being dealt with in the best way possible. So if you read these posts at some point in the future I would talk to tenants to find out if the problem has gone away.

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I've had bedbugs in my apartment for several months now. I hope they didn't move from my unit to the otherone who posted here :(

October 4, 2010.

My wife has been waking up with characteristic bed bug bites for about 1 month. Today we finally found one.

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