2910 Dewdney Ave
Regina, SK S4T

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As a landlord, we have no control over bedbug infestion. We do not bring in the bedbugs, they are usually a result of what is brought into the building by the tenants and/or their guests.

For example, used furniture, luggage, clothing etc. We do our best as landlord to participate in remedying the situation, at our expense, and feel that the landlord is wrongly blamed by some tenants. Full participation by the tenant is required in order to help combat the situation and many times, we just d

on't get that level of cooperation. WE do what we can to assist tenants who have been affected and some tenants literally refuse to cooperate and find it easier to blame the Landlord.


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I Was the caretaker in that building,the building is owned by adam neisner in regina.I have seen the way they fumigate.They have reiss exterminators spraying.Daryl the fumigator does a very slack job,told the owners of the building on many occasions about his spraying,been told that they dont care about the residents living in there.Told me if i am not happy to move out,Adam Neisner Reality does not care about the people in there buildings.

bed bugs are in the building. Seen some visually and a couple residents are showing symptoms of bites, confirmed by doctor stating cause.

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