1604 Rae St
Regina, SK S4T

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March 2, 2011. My son and his family just moved into this place on March 1st, they woke up this morning with bites and actually found bed bugs crawling around. This place is a duplex. They called the property management company this morning. The property management company offered to come and fumigate the place on FRIDAY... with no options offered for my son and his family to live in the mean time! They have two little girls under the age of 3 years old. Shouldn't this property management compan

y be putting them up in a hotel/motel in the mean time? They are afraid to unpack any of their belonging and worried that bed bugs will get into their belongings by the time the extermination company come on Friday. This evening my son found out that the tenants that moved in the other duplex unit last summer found bed bugs and the property management company only fumigated that unit! He also found out from the other unit's tenants that the unit my son moved into has not had a tenant in it for 6 months. These bugs are moving between these units and the property management company has known for over a year and is not addressing this problem in a proactive manner! These young families are baring the brunt of this problem and this property management company should be ashamed of themselves!

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