1818 Victoria Ave
Regina, SK S4P

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The Reports of Bed Bugs in our Hotel are totally false and baseless. We have had Pest control Inspector inspect the room number 1525, who confirmed that there were no bed bugs found in that room. We have his report in writing. We would be happy to share that with anyone who has concerns regarding Bed bugs in our Hotel.
No Staff from this Hotel has left due to Bed bugs at any point of time.
Should you have any concerns or queries in this regards, please call me at 306 527 1992.

Bhupinder g

Operations Manager
Ramada hotel and Convention Center

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Oct 19th 2010 stayed in room 1525 woke up with bites and blood spots on sheets. Dr. confirmed bed bug bites. Have thrown out luggage, not worth bringing home and spreading to my house. General Manager would not speak to me today and they dismissed my concerns. Was told that they have never had reports of bed bugs in their hotel.
Ramada hotel Regina

We had an out of town guest staying at the Ramada who was woken up at 1 am to find a bed bug clining to her. She was freaked out!! Asked for another room -- was given one ONLY two doors down from the infested room! Of course, she could not sleep for the rest of the night. She will NEVER stay there again.

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