1425 Victoria Ave
Regina, SK S4P

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I lived at 1425 Victoria Avenue for 6 months. I moved out last summer, leaving all my furniture behind. I spent over $100.00 washing all my fabric belongings. That building is infested I know of others in the building who have moved because of the bedbugs. The owner of the building knows about them but he is did not do anything about it.

aww, bedbugs, those pesky creatures.Renee, you are SOO far off the mark! A person cannot fix a problem unless they know about it, and I as a long term tenant, have NO problem, either with bugs, or with the landlord. He always fixes problems as soon as they arise and if he can't, gets a proffessional in to do the job, but he has to know early enough. To play a blame game is unfair and to say the whole building is infested is also unfair ( almost a lawsuit in the making there). While it is unfort

unate that it happened to you does not give you the right to put your fingers in motion and start nasty rumors that are unfounded and untrue, same with word of mouth. The problem is being dealt with proffessionaly, the tenants are safe,you have a bigger place, which is what you were after in the first place, so let this issue rest. This building is not the first,this problem is not new, and when a person gets vindictive, it usually comes back to them tenfold - I wish you luck, you and your family.

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There are bugs in the whole building, they have known for a long time now and haven't done anything about it other than offer to spray one room in my apt(the bathroom) I know for a fact other tenants have them due to me finding dead ones in the lint traps. We are moving at the end of the month and they plan on showing/renting the vacant apts. NOT OKAY. I told them i would let anyone know who wants to rent that its infested. What baffles me is that they are painting the whole outside of the build

ing, what about the tenants and bugs inside?

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